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Get in There and Have Some Sex
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Alright ladies and reluctant boyfriends, put on your jammies. Carrie might have sex in this one. (Almost) everyone is having a romance right now. Mouse and West are kind of almost flirting, Dorrit kissed that cute guy in the record store (then disappeared for an episode). Tom desperately made out with the gum cracker from his meditation class. Carrie and Sebastian, the only ones who matter, are going steady.

Carrie's introductory narration tells us that you never know how the dice are going to roll, but if you're lucky, you get to choose which direction to go in. I almost relate to this, until I see she is cutely talking about Trivial Pursuit, as she plays/flirts with Sebastian. She opts for "Science and Nature" over "Entertainment," mostly because it's a wedge piece but partly because she's not afraid of a green challenge.,

"I hope it's a question about sex!" my inner pervert screeches. Why my inner pervert is trying to get its kicks from The Carrie Diaries I will never know. Sebastian tells Carrie he loves her (Inner Pervert: "YESSSS!"). Carrie tells Sebastian she wants to have sex (IP: "OMG YESSSS!"). Cue Madonna's "Like a Virgin," segueing into Carrie overanalyzing it at the diner.

Carrie laments ruining the perfect first "I love you," but is OK opening the door to losing her virginity. West walks in and Mouse is pissed. She thinks West is being flirty to get into her head and ruin her chances at Harvard. Mouse has lots of plans to get into Harvard over West, since there's only one open spot there, and I don't care about any of them.

The phone rings at the Bradshaw house and Tom and Dorrit run to catch it, hoping to find their secret hookup on the other end. Dorrit says she's waiting for a call and Tom tells her that's why they have call waiting. Whoa, I am not sure that call waiting was a thing in 1985. Oh damn, it was invented in the early 1970's, and my family didn't get it until the early 2000's because we were behind the times and I couldn't even have a cell phone sheeeeesh.

Dorrit leaves to check out some "records or something" at the mall, which is evidently within walking distance and where her lover boy would be calling from? Ah well, that is none of my concern. Tom's call is, duh, from Deb, the gum chewer. She is very abrasive, but Tom is obviously a sub who likes to be pushed around. Tom and Deb make a date to have a "nightcap" the next Friday night. She tells him to "come prepared," and Tom is like, "whoa whoa whoa, condoms?" He still hasn't learned that everything happens on Friday nights.

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