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Get in There and Have Some Sex

Carrie and Sebastian are on the train, headed toward their perfect night in the city. As far as I'm concerned, this is the perfect episode if it does not involve Maggie. Carrie misses another perfect moment to tell Sebastian she loves him as she is interrupted by "tickets please," of all things.

Carrie walks starry-eyed into the Oak Room at the plaza, and her low standards are quickly shit upon by Larissa and Bennett. They tell her that this place is not, in fact, amazing, but a boring "fake party." VIP is where you want to be. Carrie makes it past the velvet ropes but Sebastian Kydd does not. He is common.

Mouse and West flirt while packing chocolate bars into boxes, and end up making out. Soon, Mouse will be packing another kind of chocolate. Too far? Yes.

Tom asks Harlan what it means when a woman tells you to "come prepared," and Harlan tells him to "get in there and have some sex." Always good advice.

Carrie is upset that Sebastian is locked out, but Sebastian says it's OK, they can just hang out in the VNP (Very Normal Person) area of the party. Carrie is determined to get him in, though, because everything must be perfect. She goes into the VIP area to get help from Larissa. She sees him disappearing into the crowd of forgettable, unimportant faces, and suddenly has a sneaking suspicion that Sebastian might not be as memorable and perfect as she thought. No, she actually fears that her night won't be the perfect night she imagined.

Carrie, unable to find Larissa, gets advice from Bennett on how to get Sebastian in. Bennett's advice relies heavily on being gay. They single out a man with big hands to seduce and get his bracelet. Carrie argues her case, far too much of it, to the giant man. The bear tells Carrie he's a sucker for a love story, and his boyfriend runs the VIP area. He's going to talk to him. For Madonna.

After probably having sex, Mouse gets up and tries to regain control of the relationship by over-analyzing West's feelings for her. She leaves West shirtless in the classroom. Thank you, Mouse.

Donna and Dorrit interact in the diner, because they are the only two remaining characters. Dorrit is reading Tropic of Cancer, which she informs Donna is not about cancer, but about sex. Donna is interested, and sits down to talk to Dorrit about men. She tells Dorrit her name is funny, but she can carry it. Donna is my favorite character. She even admits that she always changes for the guy she's with. She tells Dorrit that it's taking control to change for the guy, because every relationship is a transaction. Women are just fancy hookers, ya see.

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