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Get in There and Have Some Sex

Carrie is high off of the idea of a byline for a quote in Interview, but Sebastian is drunk and pissed and doesn't want to hear about any damn woman's career. Women are for loving and boning and admiring, not for breadwinning. Sebastian gripes that the whole night was about Carrie and it should have been about them as a couple. But he lacks perspective, because it's all only about Carrie, and this party that Carrie was kind enough to invite him to, was never about him at all. They are quickly becoming that couple that always fights when they drink.

They argue, and Sebastian brings up how Carrie won't tell him she loves him. He blames everything on her and asks Carrie why she has to think so much about everything. This is why they broke up the first time. And Sebastian is not behaving very lovingly. Carrie argues that this is who she is and if he doesn't like it maybe they should break up. Yes, now you've got something going, girl.

"If that's what you want, fine. It's always about what you want anyway," Sebastian says douchily, and walks off.

Carrie ends up at Mouse's house after all. She tells Mouse that she loves Sebastian, and stubbornly won't call him to tell him she made a mistake. She argues that Sebastian let her break up with him and didn't fight for the relationship. Carrie hates herself for being too controlling, and isn't angry with Sebastian at all. This too shall pass.

Tom runs into Deb the next morning at the diner, and apologizes. He says he should have been more understanding. Deb nods, but I hope she remembers what an asshat he was. Deb tells Tom that they're dating, which means they are going to fight. She had an easy out, but she's lonely and past her prime. She promises Tom that next time she will get a babysitter, which just means there would be an extra person at the house while they have sex.

Mouse and West are at school on a Saturday, in the name of the fake Gardening Club. They run into a faculty advisor, who says he read the minutes of the club meetings (which West forged and handed in, I guess), and he is going to write them both excellent recommendations for college. Wellllp, bye! West gets Mouse to agree to a date with him.

Dorrit shows Miller her room, ostensibly to do it in. They share a tender moment, because Miller is hipster cute before there were hipsters. In the next room over, Carrie is so sad she can't even diary. She doesn't even have any clever thoughts or puns to wrap up the episode. She just lays there hugging a pillow, doing that thing when you're alone and you want to cry but the kind of tears you want only happen when someone is watching.

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