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Winter Formalities

Speaking of things that don't happen in the real world, Mouse is devastated over a B+ on a test because she never gets less than an A+. A+ isn't really a grade, so it must stand for Asian stereotype +. Mouse didn't study because she was knocking boots with Seth, and she immediately realizes her hypocrisy in criticizing Barbara.

Through conversation, Larissa's job offer turns into an internship offer, and Carrie stresses out about disappointing her dad because he got her the law office internship. I'm sure Tom is too worried about sitting next to his daughter at the ballet to be bothered with any of this. This conversation happens at the counter instead of the booth, to show that Carrie is caught between the varying opinions of her two friends.

Carrie has an awkward conversation with Sebastian about Thanksgiving, and its purpose is to build chemistry. The result of the scene is everyone who had to watch it being a little more annoyed.

Carrie tries to talk to her dad about the internship, but he interjects with a guilt trip. He had to work really hard to get her that internship and the firm had never let a high schooler work there before and people would kill to have to do grunt work in a law office and not get paid for it. So Carrie says nothing, except how happy she is to have met George through her job (d'oh). Tom says he likes helping people, as a lawyer, and mentions that he was wrong about Sebastian. He seems like an alright kid, Tom says. Then he basically says he really wants her to become a lawyer and he thinks it would be cool for them to do the same thing. Then Larissa calls, reveals she has no idea what day it is, and tells Carrie to take the job that is now an internship. Carrie should find out if anyone else works there.

At school, Mouse approaches her teacher, Mrs. Holzman, about her B+. The teacher tells Mouse that a B+ is hardly a bad grade. Mouse begs her for a re-test or some extra credit, so Mrs. Holzman agrees. She then pulls some extra credit out of her bag because she always carries around extra assignments, and tells Mouse to have it on her desk by 8:00 that night because she's chaperoning the dance. She seemed understanding for a second, but when Mouse complains of the extra assignment's length and the unreasonable time constraints to finish it within, Mrs. Holzman turns into a complete bitch and is like, "less talking, more homeworking." And they say you can't write a TV show in a day.

It's the night of the Winter Formal, and Carrie receives an advance copy of Interview with a note from Larissa saying, "this could all be yours!" Is Larissa offering Carrie a made up position as Editor in Chief?

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