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This whole wedding ring debacle leads to a discussion of Tom getting "back into the dating game" after, presumably, less than six months. But what does Harlan know of feelings? What does he know of sensitivity? He's just a one-dimensional, straight-up douche. Now let him get back to womanizing, Tom.

On another phone call, Mouse tries to lure Seth over with the promise of sex. Seth doesn't seem that into it, maybe because he knows it's just a smidge illegal. We'll find out soon enough, after Mouse embarrasses herself heeding Maggie's advice no doubt.

Carrie is taking her driver's test from a woman who used to be on Ghostwriter as Jamal's Grandma and is about to nail the parallel parking because she's good at everything, when she sees Sebastian kissing Donna LeDonna. They are not rehearsing for a play. Carrie backs into the sidewalk a little, giving Donna good scare and failing her driver's test.

Sebastian tells Carrie that he and Donna have been hanging out for a week or so. Carrie acts like she doesn't care and overdoes it a little. Then she tries to rub Goony George in Sebastian's face and decides to go to the party for the sake of this show being an hour long. We can't dwell on Tom's search for his wedding ring for the full 43 minutes.

At the department store -- presumably Century 21 where everything happens -- Barbara tells Carrie what's what to prepare her for the "soiree." They keep mentioning that George's mom's name is "Kick" so I guess we have to pay attention to that now. Kick demands that everyone wear a jewel tone and Carrie has been assigned sapphire. Barbara is surprisingly helpful when it comes to helping Carrie climb this Manhattan social ladder.

Ah ha moment: Kick was married to Harlan the Douche. I'm still not sure how Barbara fits into this, but she is showing a less rigid side of herself because someone needed to be in this scene with Carrie. Carrie puts on a beautiful, perfectly fitting dress; Barbara offers some fake jewelry from last year's party to accessorize. Now I see that Harlan owns the law firm. That's how it all fits together, in case anyone is still watching this show or, even less likely, if anyone cares.

Back at the diner, which we care about even less, Mouse and Maggie are talking about sex and whatever. Donna LeDonna walks in with the Jens to be a bitch because it's what she lives for. But hey, the Jens got some lines. They are also bitches. Maggie starts some storyline about staying at the diner to keep Donna and the Jens from sitting there?

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