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In a montage between the Mouse and Maggie storylines, there's a funny bit where Mouse takes a clarinet out of harm's way, and a not-so-funny bit where Maggie spills some stuff on Donna to get her seat back. Seth is impressed with Mouse and tells her he's "relieved." But the relief is that Seth has been sleeping around and he thinks Mouse has, too. I hope he wore a condom.

Back at the soiree, Carrie overhears Kick saying mean things about her to George. I'm still shocked that parents care as much as they do about their teenagers' love lives. At least Kick is getting her share out of her divorce from Harlan. Carrie runs away -- like she does with everything -- and George chases after her. Blythe tries to stop him, but George wants more than a butterface fresh out of rehab.

George tells Carrie that he likes her because she can take care of herself and he wants something "real." Does George know Carrie at all? Carrie tells George she doesn't get this world and George is like, "I'm a big dumb goon who doesn't 'get' anything." But Carrie, being in high school, forgives him.

Tom gets the phone number of the woman he ran over, using the old douchebag trick of sharing that his wife died. Harlan was right -- it works every time. Ladies can't wait to meet a nice widower, even if he hits them with his car.

Sebastian shows up at the diner just in time to deliver some more solid gold dialogue. After some nonsense from Maggie about the diner being Carrie's safe place, Sebstian and Donna shared this exchange:

Sebastian: You're better than this.

Donna: Am I?

Sebastian: I like you. Not because you're a bitch but in spite of it.

Way to go, Sebastian, you are the best boyfriend all the time. Speaking of awesome boyfriends, Seth is freaking out about Mouse sleeping with someone else and rocking the double standard pretty hard. This was before Xtina telling us what's what in "Dirrty."

After faking tears to win George over, Kick levels with Carrie. Carrie tells Kick she knows what it's like to go through hard times because she lost her mom to cancer. Then Kick recognizes her as Grace Bradshaw's daughter and tells her she looks just like her. They bond and Kick really warms to Carrie. She tells Carrie about her mom like she died years and years ago, rather than a couple months. Evidently they were friends before they all had kids and Harlan turned into a huge douche.

Carrie passes her driver's test, Maggie got the booth back, and everyone meets in the diner. Seth almost blows up into a jealous rage about Walt, but then Mouse admits that she didn't sleep with Walt or anyone else. Everyone kisses and for once, no one cares about Carrie or what she has to say.

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