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Sex, Lies, and Video Screens
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Carrie is finally getting into some decent trouble on this show. Trouble that lasts longer than an episode. She just broke up with her boyfriend, who tried to push her head into a blowjob, and now she is lying to her dad about her internship, and her new internship about her age/work status. Carrie tells us that as we get older our secrets get bigger and better. Ain't it the truth. And the same goes for this show. Carrie is getting more interesting.

Instead of being all frumpy like "Bitchy Barbara" at her internship at a law firm, Carrie is delighted to be taking on an internship at Interview Magazine, which allows her to wear bright jackets and leopard print. Reminding us that we're in the 1980s, that guy who kissed Closeted Walt at the Halloween party is complaining about computers and how they're a fad that will surely go away. Did people think that in the '80s?

Carrie helps whatever his name is out with the computer because she is in computer class at the high school she never goes to anymore. Floppy disks and the like. Despite being so busy doing whatever the hell she wants and nothing at all, Carrie is distracted by her thoughts of Sebastian. Yup, we're still hung up on him.

At high school, where Carrie isn't, Mouse and Sebastian have a conversation that even Mouse admits is "moot, pointless, superfluous." It's about how Sebastian is still into Carrie, even though he wasn't for a good three episodes. Sebastian is trying to find a way to break up with Donna LeDonna, but Donna knows how to get around that so she's avoiding him. Mouse admits to Sebastian that Carrie broke up with George. She omitted the part about how he suggested she give him a blowjob in the limo and told Carrie he didn't mind that she's a virgin.

Meanwhile, Maggie has been cheating on Walt, who might not care because he is gay. Walt is working on programming for a lock-in, and Maggie is being distant. Maggie is about to tell Walt about her indiscretion, when Mouse interrupts with the "big news" that Sebastian is breaking up with Donna. I'm not sure if this is big news because they hate Donna and wish her nothing but misery, or because they follow Carrie's interior life so much closer than their own. This causes Maggie to worry because Donna knows her secret, and without Sebastian, Maggie has no leverage to keep her quiet. She should probably just tell Walt like she was about to.

At the diner, Donna can not believe that Sebastian is breaking up with her. I can not believe this is a scene we're wasting time on. Donna doesn't want people to know until after the lock-in because she doesn't want people to feel sorry for her at the event in which she's in charge. She also wants to tell people that she broke up with Sebastian, and Sebastian doesn't care. They seem like they were really close.

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