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The Lyin', the Wig and the Wardrobe

Oh, but we're not done with Tom and his meditation plot yet. The woman sees Tom in a diner and he stands up to apologize. She starts smacking her gum, which Tom assumes is a joke. He calls her the most annoying woman he's ever met -- cut to Tom and the gum chewer making out in a car. Adults are always going at it.

Mouse runs into Donna LaDonna in the hallway. Donna is there for guy watching, of course, but also to give Mouse some unexpectedly sage advice. Mouse asks Donna what happened with her and the basketball team and it turns out she dated two of them at the same time and caused a three-game losing streak. Then, Donna LaDonna, Unlikely Voice of Reason, tells Mouse that the team started winning again once they found a common enemy in her. A tall, swarthy soccer player arrives at Donna's side and they go off together to continue guy watching.

Maggie gets her new ID from Sebastian and they talk about divorce, then see Tom making out with the gum chewer in a car. Later, they decide not to tell Carrie.

Carrie arrives back at the Interview office in shambles. She got on the wrong train and she accidentally stole that dress and she's pretty sure the box has cocaine in it. Walt and Bennett open Andy Warhol's package and it turns out the "uncut" thing in it is Andy's wig. This somehow makes everything fine. They all go to the club to deliver the package together.

The gang arrives at a closed down children's clothing store, and Carrie is devastated to have written down the wrong address. She is convinced this one mistake has cost her her entire summer job. Bennett can hear the sounds of a club, though, in a frequency only audible to gay men. Sure enough, just beyond this children's clothing store is a traveling club Bennett has only heard of in urban legends.

At the diner, Mouse meets up with the quarreling members of the basketball team to be a maniacal, power-hungry team manager at them again. They fire Mouse, which may lead them to victory? At least it will lead to the end of this B story.

Sebastian's mom cries about his father again, and has more unreasonable expectations of her seventeen-year old son. Sebastian tells her off and his mom admits she's afraid to be alone. Whatever.

Back at the children's store stock room club, Bennett insists they need a plan to get in. Carrie is sure her terrible British accent and affectations will get them what they want again. She tries it on the bouncer, who has slept with Larissa and knows that Carrie is definitely not her. He closes the door on them, and Carrie is devastated again.

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