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Meanwhile in Dorrit's room, Dorrit wants to have intercourse with Miller, who is holding back. Dorrit wants to get her first time over with. She wants to know what it will be like and how she'll feel after. Miller promises to like her afterward, and promises that it will be special. Maybe he'll inappropriately take her to prom.

At school, Maggie says what we all know to be true: Carrie and Sebastian might finally do it after prom. Walt dangles the carrot of having a prom date in front of Maggie's face, and Maggie accepts, saying it will just be as friends because she's way past that. She's not way past it, but nobody cares about that. They decide to double with Mouse and the dreaded Eugene. I'm calling it now: Eugene will be a stone cold hottie. Maggie mentions that Sebastian wants to protect Carrie from stuff and Carrie is unreasonably suspicious. In the end, she spills the beans on Tom and his car makeout.

Carrie fights with Sebastian about lying to her about her dad dating. Sebastian doesn't think it's a big deal. Carrie does. Carrie projects her anger with her dad onto Sebastian. She says maybe they're just too different, and gives up on the relationship again. She says she loves Sebastian so much her heart hurts and she doesn't want to live in pain.

Then, Sebastian yells at Maggie for telling Carrie the secret. He accuses her of being jealous. Maggie squeezes out some emotion and I fail yet again to care about this character. For some reason, Sebastian knows Walt is gay, and tells Maggie. Well, he tells her, "I don't think Walt likes girls."

Maggie storms into the diner and demands to know if Walt is gay. Everyone looks back at the scene, as Maggie calls Walt a homo and accuses Carrie and Mouse of knowing and laughing at her behind her back. Jesus, GTFO Maggie. She tells Walt that he made her feel like crap and makes her feel sick. She tells Walt something is wrong with him, not her, and storms back out. Walt and Carrie need to get into that loft in the city.

Walt and Carrie decide not to go to prom, and Carrie applies her makeup, wearing her dress, in front of the mirror. They're going to the city to say goodbye to Larissa, instead of junior prom. Oh, this is junior prom? Well f**k that then.

Tom walks in to tell Carrie he's going to the gym. Carrie knows that Deb is the gym now, or suspects that. She boldly asks Tom if she can spend the night in the city at Larissa's. Walt is going too, and Tom asks Carrie if she and Walt are more than friends. Tom and Maggie should just sail away on the S.S. Who Cares.

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