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Dorrit is at another sleepover. Carrie tries to get information out of Tom, but he still thinks his daughters are idiots and women don't deserve to be seen in the daytime. Dorrit is not, however, at a sleepover. She is at Miller's, where he has sprinkled rose petals on the bed. He even wore his special Maggots shirt. Dorrit bursts into tears.

Mouse is getting ready for prom with Eugene, who is not a hottie. Eugene is ... a little girl? I don't know what's going on, or why they made Mouse go to prom with a 14-year old. Eugene discovered, through doing a family tree for fun, that the Ching Dynasty is made up. Their families come from a long line of peasants and farmers. The family tree is very detailed. I need a Eugene spin-off, and I need it now.

In the city, Walt has acknowledged to himself that he is gay. He has also told Bennett, a potential love interest. Bennett sees himself more as the gay Yoda to Walt's Luke Skywalker, though. They have some Real Talk for any little boys watching this show questioning their sexuality.

In Miller's room, Dorrit confesses that she didn't cry at her mother's funeral but is finally ready to feel everything, including a you know what! This is a big step to take with the boy who stopped her from unbuttoning his shirt. But whatever, good for Dorrit, and any other character not bound by the confines of Sex and the City.

Carrie and Larissa have a heart-to-heart about being happy, and having a good relationship. Larissa is full of sage wisdom. I also appreciate that Larissa tells Carrie she is not meant to have a husband, kids, and a garden. This is the "you go, girl" we've been waiting for. Sadly, it turns into a "you go get that man, girl."

Maggie and Sebastian get drunk in a bar with their fake IDs. They apologize for ruining each other's lives, and toast to being alone. But how alone are they? Not when they have each other and their hormones. They kiss, because they have no regard for anyone's feelings but their own.

Carrie, fresh off the train and full of resolve, knocks on Sebastian's door. She has plans to tell Sebastian how she feels again, and go through it all again. But you know Maggie is in there somewhere wearing one of Sebastian's shirts and nothing else. You don't need garbage people like that in your life, Carrie.

Carrie stops Sebastian from saying anything, and tells him that all she cares about is that they're together. Maggie doesn't walk out in a shirt just yet. First, we have to suffer through Tom talking to Deb about being a widower and a single parent. Who is this for? What parents are watching this and relating to it? Tom agrees to stay the night with Deb.

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