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Carrie and Sebastian start making out, but Sebastian pulls away. He pulls away just to tell her he's so lucky. Carrie says she wants to have sex, and Sebastian says he wants it to be perfect so he just wants to hold her that night.

Mouse finds West at the diner to make her declaration of love and anti-racism. She puts a quarter in the jukebox and they dance together on the prom night where no one went to prom. Everyone lies in a bed together to "Heaven" by Bryan Adams. Dorrit and Miller sleep next to an untended flame, Tom and Deb cuddle with nothing to say, Carrie and Sebastian are doing the When Harry Met Sally.

Carrie comes home the next morning, to no one else. Maggie knocks on her door immediately after, and looks nervous. She can't keep her damn mouth shut. Meanwhile, in New York, Walt and Bennett are coming home from a night clubbing. Walt kisses Bennett, and Bennett refuses him because Walt is 17. He tells Walt he'll be counting the days until he turns 18 at the end of the summer.

Maggie tells Carrie everything, and Carrie should scratch her face. Carrie tells Maggie she's not the victim, and it's always about her. Yeah, tell her what's up, Carrie! Even though it's really all about Carrie for us, and all her friends, Carrie gives Maggie's character the kiss of death. Their friendship is over; forever I hope.

Sebastian tries to call Carrie on the phone, she is too depressed to even see who is calling. Dorrit comes in to comfort Carrie, who tells her Miller seems nice. They agree that it's good for Tom to have a life, and don't care that he calls the woman he's dating "the gym." Sebastian stops by and Dorrit sends him away.

Mouse introduces her black boyfriend to her Chinese parents. Walt and Bennett make Bloody Marys together, in the tradition of gay brunch. Maggie makes out with Office Secretsex. Carrie talks to Tom about "the gym," and lets him know it's OK but she doesn't want to meet the gym just yet.

Carrie proposes to Tom that he let her and Walt stay in Larissa's loft for the summer. I love this idea, because it's the only show I'd want to see: Carrie and Gay Walt taking on the city for their first time, along with Donna LaDonna and Eugene. In the end, Carrie has transitioned to the loft in the city with Walt, and a typewriter. And Carrie is wearing big skirts again, and forever. This show is ready to be renewed, or canceled.

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