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Don't Blow It

The Chelsea Hotel is in Manhattan, where Carrie is not allowed to go. This is stressful for Carrie, even though pursuing Dorrit, who is alone in the city, is the right move. Tom is also stressed out, wanting another blow job but not knowing how to ask for one. Douche-friend Harlan suggests that Tom "just enjoy," because Misty "knows it is better to give than receive," and no, Tom, you should definitely not ask her out on a date. Tom says a blow job is a big deal for women and Harlan says things and women have changed. They love doing it now, just ask 'em.

Oh god, I keep wanting Harlan not to be in this show at all but he keeps getting more and more prominent. Now, all of a sudden, he's seeing Larissa, Carrie's sort-of boss at Interview. And Larissa is there, at the gym. Because if there's one thing women can't get enough of, it's sex with Harlan.

At school, Wes challenges Mouse to a Cube-Off at the diner. This is a challenge she will surely lose, but maybe she'll get something more important out of it: a boyfriiiiieeeeennnnd.

Donna wants to have sex with Walt because it's the '80s and women are just givin' it up. Walt wants to wait until they know each other better, so he can imagine what type of man she might be. They are not seeing eye-to-eye on the sex thing, but Donna is quickly distracted by the prospect of a new outfit fashion show. Gay men always know how to change the subject to their advantage. Also, women always love giving practically anonymous blow jobs.

Carrie and Sebastian get ready to go to Manhattan and Carrie doesn't want Sebastian to drive because she sort of blames him for distracting her and he also really threw her off her game by being spontaneous. They get into a fight and Carrie leaves to find Dorrit on her own. Could this be the end, or pause, of KyddShaw?

Carrie yells for Dorrit in the hotel, and she's already there with Sebastian, who drove and found her first. There's a really stupid scene about the Rubik's Cube-Off with Mouse doing karate moves and practicing Rubik's Cubes. Simultaneously, Donna tries to seduce Walt. It fails when she falls off the bed Clueless style. In fact, it is practically the same exact scene where Cher tries to seduce a gay guy, but this one doesn't know he's gay. Donna asks him if he's even interested in girls and Walt has no answer.

At the gym, where Tom has been for hours on end, Tom asks Larissa about sex. She's very laissez-faire about the whole thing, blowing Tom's mind by telling him that women also talk about sex. The subject turns to Carrie's internship, and how good Carrie was at it. Tom doesn't want Carrie to grow up, especially not to be a sex columnist. But Larissa makes a compelling argument.

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