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Mia is running into her office when she sees Grant. He's going to the James Perse sample sale and wants to know if she wants to come along. She can't -- she has to work. He's all jokey as he leaves. Clive is in her office when she gets there. He wants to know what she's going to do as Publisher. She starts to talk about her plan to snag Ian Weber, and he says, "When I say, 'Let's talk,' I mean, 'I'll talk.'" He wants her to fire Grant and hire a new director of marketing.

Commercials. The real Greenlea is coming back to All My Children! Glory be!!!

In her office, Juliet tries to call Bobby Walsh, but hangs up when she gets his secretary. So, she calls Caitlin, who is at work on a photo shoot, and asks her what it's like to sleep with a stranger. Caitlin wonders if she's on Juliet's speed dial for "slut." You see, clever line, but does it apply to Caitlin so far from what we've seen? I'd have her on speed dial for "train wreck" or "messiest bathroom" or something like that. Juliet says she hates feeling insecure, but that she feels like she has to follow through with her promise to Davis. It was an oral contract and therefore binding, except in real estate. Caitlin says that sex on a first date can be awkward, but can also be wonderful. But, it's more awkward than wonderful. Juliet wonders if Bobby will even find her attractive, so Caitlin tells Juliet to meet her at work.

Mia is asking her assistant for all sorts of things, like she has never been at work before and needs to get everything at once. Then, she points out that she only has two pens on her desk, and that she never wants to look for a pen. Grant hears this, and enters Mia's office telling her that power becomes her -- she almost looks 5'2". Hee. She says that she learned from the master, but Grant says that she's the one who specializes in heavy lifting. I don't really know what that means, but I find it convincing. Mia replies that she doesn't see what's wrong with expecting people to work hard, when she works as hard as she does. Well, she has an espresso machine where other people have hearts, says Grant. Ouch. Frothy blood does not sound good. I'll have an aortacana soy with Splenda! Then -- I swear to God this is something I read in Esquire or something -- Mia says that they've been talking about her so much, what's he up to? It's some managerial tactic. Grant brushes her off and asks for a muffin from Mia's Howard Stern basket. Bitch did NOT just ask for a Stern muffin. He is so fired.

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