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At Cielo, a totally 2005 club in the meatpacking district, Caitlin and Alicia are dancing, and then kissing. A gross ex-boyfriend of Caitlin's approaches her and says that he didn't know she was gay. She says she's not, and Alicia gets mad and stomps away.

Juliet is telling Bobby about her contract to take a lover. He says she so crazy. She tells him that she comes from a long line of "dignified sufferers"; She has been with Davis since she was twenty-two. He is very interested and lets her know. On the street, Juliet tells Bobby she's not sure what will happen next. She says she'll call him, and then they kiss. A really nice kiss. Nice work from Bill Sage in this scene.

That night, Zoë is pissed that Eric is taking the Bitchy Mommy job. He says that it's a career-making job, and is angry with her for thinking that Bitchy Mommy wants him for more (which she does). When he finally admits that she was hitting on him, he says that his work makes him happy and that he would never cheat on her. I think he's going to do the project.

Mia and Grant are at the Ian Weber party. She tells Ian that Barnstead will publish a coffee table book of his work, and he says that Grant promised him that it would be the size of a coffee table, so there could be no other books on the table. That's hysterical. Mia's like, "Er...," and Grant's just kind of looking on. She points out that coffee tables come in different sizes, and Ian says that each one would have to be custom-made. She steps aside and sees Caitlin, who complains about the Alicia fiasco and says that her life is like a romantic comedy, though not romantic or comedic. Wait, it's nothing like a romantic comedy. Mia shakes her off and grabs Grant. He doesn't accept any responsibility for what happened, so Mia fires him. She goes back to Ian and says that they can't custom-make the books -- that's ridiculous. He says, "It never hurts to ask," and is gone. Mia's still torn trying to talk to Grant and Caitlin. Grant says that Mia wouldn't be where she is without Grant. Caitlin says that's not true. Then, Grant starts getting louder and says he never should have hired Mia. He screams that everyone in the room knows what a bitch she is. He stomps out, and Caitlin says he's going to regret saying that.

The next day, the Mia/Grant fight has been in Gawker, MediaBistro, and Romenesko. Mia's assistant, Tracy, brings something in, and Mia gets off the phone to talk to her. Tracy explains her work very stiffly, and Mia tells her that she was just going to say, "Good work." Tracy says that she wants to work her way up like Mia did. Tracy says that she wants to work with Ian Weber -- I think we've got a healthy mentor relationship getting birthed.

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