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Conference Call

Juliet gets flowers from Davis. And, from Bobby. Bobby's reads, "Can't stop thinking about you." She sits down, giddy.

Caitlin stops Alicia on the street and apologizes for the night before. She says that she's not sure of the answers to all of the gay questions. This is possibly her first kind of maybe successful relationship. Alicia says that to call it a "relationship" is getting ahead of themselves. Then, they kiss. A lady stops on the street to stare. ["In New York? Really?" -- Wing Chun]

Zoë arrives at her kids' school, where Bitchy Mommy tells her that there's no room for more parents on the field trip. But, Zoë rented a sightseeing bus and ALL of the parents are on the upper level! She tells the still unnamed Bitchy Mommy that she understands her hitting on Zoë's husband, but that she'd better lay off Zoë's kids. She gets a phone call, and all of the girls are conferenced in. Bitchy Mommy says she needs to talk to Zoë (though I can't imagine what she wants to say), and Zoë replies, "I can't talk now. I'm on a conference call." Stay-at-home mommies, consider yourselves faced!!!

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