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Dangerous Liaisons
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Previously: Caitlin became wishy-washy about her lesbian dalliance. Mia is still dumped. Zoë's assistant Katherine smells like Eve Harrington. Juliet is considering punishing Davis with an affair of her own, but she only went as far as kissing old B-schoolmate Bobby Walsh.

Ooh, here's a shot of New York from the Hudson River side. And suddenly we're on a Greenwich Village street and a Town Car passes a converted carriage house. It's Zoë's. I know I promised to not be this guy, but I have to right now. I'm going to out myself now as a huge fan of Sex and the City. I thought most episodes were like Dawn Powell short stories -- urbane, poignant, always stylish. And Darren Star created it, right? So, could someone explain to me why this show is presenting a New York as seen through the eyes of a mole person? I can understand a Hollywood type getting Omaha or Juneau wrong, but New York? Haven't they all been here before? Didn't most of them start out as playwrights or theatre professionals who decided they needed to make some money, so they shipped themselves off to the crumbling coast? It's like they've never really seen it. Maybe I'm just not giving enough credit to the creative team of SATC for being as good as they were at making New York a character in the show, but what I'm doesn't work. For instance, I'm sorry, but Zoë doesn't live in Greenwich Village. She just doesn't. I don't think she lives downtown at all, but if she does...maybe Tribeca. She does not live in the Village. It sounds like a small thing to contest, but it's not. I'm annoying myself right now, but I swear I'm right about this.

Zoë is scrambling around her bedroom while Eric lies shirtless in bed. This Eric, he's a handsome guy, no? She's babbling all sorts of nonsense about her kids and things that he has to remember because she's going to Boston on business, as if he's not the guy who had to remind her about the bulletin board in their house. Seriously, did the writer of this week's episode not WATCH last week's episode? Of course Eric knows all of this stuff! Her kids would have scurvy if it weren't for him. She asks him if he's listening and he says, "Sasha's the girl and Luke's the boy, right?" Dur. They laugh about it and kiss and she's out of there.

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