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Dangerous Liaisons

Zoë asks Clayton what he was thinking, demoting Katherine? He says that having her on the team would be awkward. Zoë says that Katherine is thinking of suing, and he asks her what he should do. Jesus, this guy is a moron. She says that he has to find her an equal or better job some place else.

Later, Lily notices that Caitlin's zit is gone. Caitlin says she used honesty for her skin, and Lily thinks she's talking about some obscure brand of concealer. She says they should acquire this Honesty.

Juliet and Cilla meet in the Park. Juliet offers her coffee and says she will take the first sip if it makes Cilla more comfortable. Cilla jumps right in and says that Davis never used Juliet or their marriage as an excuse for their affair. Juliet brings up the blog and says she doesn't want Cilla messing with her friends, or her daughter. She calls a truce. She says that her friend on the board of The Arborgast (Caitlin) will favorably reconsider her bid on the penthouse there. In exchange, Cilla must "cease and desist with ugliness." Cilla likes the terms. Then Juliet asks her if Davis ever took her to Cap Juluca. Easy enough question, right? Well, Cilla tells Juliet to get off her high horse. She says she did Juliet a favor because every good marriage deserves a little fling. Really? This I have not heard. Juliet says she couldn't agree with her more, and jets.

Juliet goes to Bobby's hotel room and starts making out with him. They get as far as the bed and Juliet's bra when Juliet starts laughing hysterically. Poor Bobby; he has really been put through it, hasn't he? She says she thought she could be like Davis and forget about her vows and their history, but she can't. Bobby wonders if a drink might help. No, she's crystal clear now. Okay, I know this is an ugly word, but I think we can all agree: cocktease.

Zoë sees Katherine packing up her desk. With no small amount of satisfaction, she tells Katherine that she's a bright girl and will land on her feet. Katherine finishes packing and says she agrees -- since she just got promoted to associate. Damn. Zoë's jaw is on the ground. Clayton can't even look her in the eye.

Later, at Juliet's hotel over drinks, Juliet tells the girls that she didn't go through with the affair with Bobby. How many times do we have to watch them retell something we just saw? Stop it. Caitlin points out that she lusted after Bobby and went to second base with him, which can get you hell time if you're Catholic. So, she's proud of Juliet. Juliet says that not having the affair with Bobby has made this whole ordeal less stressful. That's understandable. You would have to let go of your anger a little in order to let go of your plans for revenge. Zoë points out that Juliet got the revenge without the "yuck." Mia toasts to "No Yuck." Mia says that she didn't kill the cover of Modern Man because ad sales went through the roof for the issue (hmm, and it was Jack's work. Maybe Clive made the wrong choice?). She shows the girls her letter.

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