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Dangerous Liaisons

We see Mia alternately packing Jack's things and crying, as the letter is being read. It's so antiquated. It's all about not being threatened by working women. After the letter is read, she calls her mom and tells her that she has "disappointing news."

Zoë takes her top off in front of Eric, like it's real serious. It's her man trap look. They start making out.

Juliet undresses in front of Davis and asks him to get her a glass of wine. He stares at her, and she asks him if he likes what he sees. He does. She's really pretty and her underwear is awesome. She kisses him, and as he's going to get her wine, she tells him that they're even and walks into the bathroom. He stands there looking very worried. He's going to just start randomly fighting with his friends now, because it could be any one of them. Can you imagine?

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Cashmere Mafia




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