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Dangerous Liaisons

Juliet is brushing her hair at her dressing table. She gets a call; it's Bobby Walsh. He asks her if she's alone and she answers, "Aren't we all, really?" Wow, way to bring all the boys to the yard, Juliet. Nothing turns on a potential suitor like an existential quip. He says they don't have to be alone, except for right now, I guess, since he's in London. He will be back in New York in a few weeks on business -- the business being that of pitching woo with Mrs. Juliet. She hears someone coming and says that she has to get off the phone.

As she's hanging up, Davis enters the room clad in a towel, another towel is around his neck. I thought that only happened in hotels. Guess I'm poor. He mentions that it was early phone call and she replies that it was London "with some booking issues." Davis suggests that the two of them revisit their old haunt, Anguilla. Panama City Beach, that ain't. Juliet says that it would be a wonderful idea if it were her and Davis, B.C. (Before Cilla). And suddenly, I want to tell poor Juliet to shit or get off the pot. You knew your husband cheated on you before, but suddenly you're devastated by him choosing a hometown hook-up? Weird. I can even understand her being upset that Davis had chosen to break the agreement that Juliet had secretly made with herself and...herself. She was resigned to Davis cheating as long as it was out of town. Fine, whatever gets you through the night. But to now be so completely steamrolled by his affair with Cilla? Methinks fair Juliet ought reconsider her priorities.

In actuality, what I think is happening here is the writers are trying to create this picture of a troubled, urbane marriage, but they haven't really developed the circumstances to sustain this level of tension. We know that 1) Juliet knew Davis cheated on her and 2) Juliet is completely destroyed over Davis's affair with Cilla Gray. It just kind of makes Juliet seem like a twit. There's not a wall around the city -- Davis having an affair with someone out of town doesn't mean that person doesn't have contact with, or can't one day become a part of, your "world." These little cracks in logic are a real problem for this show. I'm sure we're not supposed to think that Juliet is a moron.

Davis leans down and asks Juliet in what way can he apologize "that will actually land." Awkward. She says that words or plans won't make it better -- it's going to take time. Seriously -- WHATEVER. Does it seem like Juliet is actually trying to work through anything right now? Anything that time will fix? I'm so disturbed by her right now. But her black slip is lovely.

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