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For the sake of argument, I'm going to add one last thing about Juliet's predicament. Maybe Davis' cheating with someone she knows has put a spotlight on his infidelities. Now she can no longer ignore it, and that's what's upsetting her so. It just doesn't feel like the writers are giving us this picture. Something's missing.

Mia is having a meeting with the staff of Modern Man. She says that the magazine is not supposed to reflect where men are, it's supposed to tell them where they are supposed to be. Anything that could have been in last month's issue -- well, let's just call the magazine Caveman and pulp the whole thing. Laughs from the staff. Is it really a job of the publisher to have meetings like this? Wouldn't an editor-in-chief being leading a meeting about the creative direction of a magazine? In any event, someone would not go from selling ads one day to this sort of meeting the next. Another logic point for the writers.

This shlumpy guy sitting on a sofa says, "Understood," in response to Mia's rant. She asks him (Todd is his name) who shot the cover and when is she going to see it. Jeremy Falcon shot it and she's going to see it today. She doesn't know who that is, but Todd says she will. Mmm-hmm. Todd's attitude is what she's looking for, she tells everyone else at the meeting as she ends it.

Everyone leaves Mia's office, except for Todd. When alone, he tells Mia that he wants to make sure there's nothing weird about him working there, since he was Jack's hire and had been working with him. She tells him that she and Jack had an amicable breakup, so there would be no awkwardness. He looks at her like she just spoke in tongues. He says, "Good to know," and leaves her office. So, I'm guessing that Todd is the editor-in-chief of Modern Man? Odd choice for the leader of a magazine trying to brand itself as the guidebook for what's cool and current. He looks more like he'd be working in IT.

Mia's assistant enters and tells Mia that she has another meeting and that her mother called and wants to know if she and JACK will be having dinner with her. Um, Mia forgot something. She tells the assistant that she can just write down her phone messages from now on. Then she's outta there. Maybe she's embarrassed to tell her mom that she got the ol' heave-ho from Jack.

Later, the Mafia ladies, minus Caitlin, are having breakfast at Juliet's hotel. Juliet is telling everyone about her call from Bobby. Mia's all, "Mmm, international phone sex?" How 1998 is that joke? Juliet says that Bobby will be coming to town to see her, and Zoë seems disturbed that Juliet is still considering a fling with him. She thinks that revenge sex is "a little yuck." Mia informs Zoë that, if your husband cheats on you, you are entitled to "one free yuck." Is that in Strunk and White? Zoë wonders, what if the sex is so great with Bobby that she can't return to Davis? Juliet counters that Davis had no-strings sex all the time, so why can't she? Because she's a woman, says Zoë. Now, I appreciate the attempts of this program to reflect a sort of post-feminism in its characters (Zoë is not a perfect mom, Mia might use feminine wiles to get what she wants in the workplace), but COME ON. Have we really gone back that far? Maybe if Juliet just made Davis a good enough dinner and it was hot and ready when he got home, all of this stuff would go away. Juliet says she's willing to take her chances. It looks like she senses a little judginess from Zoë, so she says that she hopes that Zoë is never in this situation, but she herself is -- with Bobby "in the wings, ready, willing, and able." I don't really understand why she just said that.

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