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Dangerous Liaisons

Then Lily points out that Caitlin has a zit on her forehead. She thinks that Caitlin should cancel all of her meetings for the day. Caitlin tries to explain that she has a bunch of stuff lined up, and Lily asks her if she knows what you call a cosmetics executive with bad skin. I love that one! Caitlin doesn't know it -- and Lily tells her not to make her tell her. Aw. I was hoping she'd say. It's really funny. Oh, well. She leaves a dejected Caitlin while still muttering to herself about who the gay in the office is.

Mia is making a sales call in her office, which is what I believe publishers actually do. While she's talking, her assistant hands her a mock-up of the cover of Modern Man. It's a man in a suit on a plate with a giant woman, also in a business suit, holding a knife and fork. The headline reads, "The New Dog-Eat-Dog World! Women Chow Down On Men!" The look of the cover is so Esquire 1967. There is NOTHING modern about the man reading that mag. Mia looks shocked and quickly gets off the phone. She summons Todd to her office.

Juliet's assistant talks to her while Juliet stares at her Blackberry and gives the girl one-word answers. The poor ignored assistant finally tells Juliet that Davis is in her office. Davis dropped in to ask if Juliet wants to get dinner "before Emily's school thing." I really love the way they're fleshing out Emily. I see her character burning in my eyelids when I close my eyes. Juliet is working right up until the school thing. Davis suggests they get something quickly afterwards. She stops him and reminds him of what she said that morning. He has to stop creating "historical reenactments" of when they were "good." Ew. Davis takes this as his cue to leave, but first Juliet needs Cilla Gray's number from him. He asks why, but she says that they're going to leave him out of this "for once." Davis does not look particularly pleased.

Juliet calls Cilla, who is surprised to hear from her. Per Juliet's request, they agree to meet in a couple of days at a "neutral" location, the entrance to the park across from The Pierre. Juliet asks Cilla how she takes her coffee, because she's going to bring some. Cilla says, "Light, no arsenic." Adultery leaves the FUNNIEST aftertaste.

In Mia's office, Todd explains that the cover of Modern Man is reflecting the zeitgeist, because there are so many women in positions of power. Our next president might be a woman, "God help us." Todd apparently thinks he's working at National Review instead of a Condé Nast clone. Does he really think it's appropriate to say "God help us" in response to the thought of a woman president? Maybe he's talking more specifically about the current woman candidate, but still. Todd's a loser.

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