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Dangerous Liaisons
Modern Man and approved the cover before he was eaten by Mia. Again, creatively directing and approving covers would not be the job of a senior sales person at a magazine group. They create revenue while the edit side creates content. Right? I'm not fucking dreaming this up, am I? And can I mention right now that Todd's eyes are black cauldrons of evil offsetting the pasty future baldness of his everything else? Thank you. It upsets me that he's representing men in this debate. Mia asks Todd when Jack developed this cover, and he says it was right before he left. He assumed that Jack would have told Mia. He didn't, because they haven't spoken. Todd reminds her that she said they were friends. "Well, we're not. And I would appreciate it if you just wouldn't mention his name again." I like the honesty of that reaction. Because who the FUCK cares about Todd's opinion of you. Mia gets a call from Clive and sends Todd away.

Juliet is walking on the street when Bobby, who was apparently lying in wait in a Town Car on the curb, calls after her. He says that he hasn't stopped thinking about her since they talked on the phone, so he decided to come to New York early. He's staying in the hotel where she works, because he figures that it's the one hotel in town where she could come and go without raising suspicion. Crafty! He tells her that he wants to see her tonight, but she's got Emily's school thing (this time referred to as "parent-teacher" -- and Emily glows ever brighter). But tomorrow is the night she'll have a rendezvous with him. She walks away, half nervous/half flirty.

In Boston, Clayton and Zoë are at dinner with two young scruffy guys in t-shirts. They apparently want more for their company than Zoë's company is offering. Katherine breathlessly arrives at the table with an over-long excuse for being late about her hair dryer in her hotel being unusable and maintenance, et cetera. The boys are clearly taken with her looks, though Frances O'Connor is certainly no slouch. After sitting, Katherine immediately asks if, were their firm to cut their fee, the guys would accept their offer. Zoë seems immediately uncomfortable at the suggestion. Katherine says they did it on another occasion, but Zoë says those circumstances were different. Clayton, obviously backed into a corner, puts that option on the table and the guys go crazy. They give a round of high fives and go to call the other "guys" after thanking the "dudes" who are still sitting. Seriously, people actually live like this and it upsets me that I don't get to. Zoë glares at Katherine and says that you should never give away the company's profits. Clayton stares forward and says he'll take care of it.

That night, in her hotel room, Zoë is telling Eric the whole story via video chat. She's livid. Eric points out that they did close the deal like they had gone to Boston to do, and the company is not losing their entire profit from the deal. Zoë asks him why he's taking Katherine's side and he says he's just trying to find out why she's so upset by Katherine. She says she's just annoyed that Katherine's so good at the whole "man trap" thing. I know, it's a shame that Zoë has had to become successful in spite of her homeliness. It's tragic, really. She calls Katherine "Business Barbie"; then room service knocks on the door. Eric says, "Signing off, my little man trap," and he's gone. When the room service attendant enters her room to deliver her dinner, she sees Katherine and Clayton drunkenly entering a hotel room together. They're clearly up to something. Zoë is stunned, because she has never worked at an office with men and women. Because if she had, she'd have seen the very same situation within moments of her first day. Because it happens. But this is Zoë.

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