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Dog Eat Dog

Zoë is learning Italian with some sort of audio teacher when Adam comes in. He notices that she's speaking Italian, so he whips out his own pretty fluent knowledge of the language. Yum. Zoë starts kind of taking over Adam's territory. She changes his plans for what he was going to make for dinner. So, he says he'll go pick up supplies for Sasha's Go Green project. Zoë thinks that sounds like fun, so she volunteers to do it. But! She has to ask what it is. They were going to do a project testing plants growing in liquids other than water. Zoë says that they can do better. Then, Clayton calls her. He wants Zoë's advice on the Tate account they worked on together. Zoë hangs up on him. This storyline feels too inevitable. Like, from the moment we saw Zoë in bed this morning, we got it. We don't really need to see her in the rest of the episode. Domesticity doesn't suit her. Done.

Juliet is arguing with Gerard. He wants to fire the architect hired for the project they're working on together. She says it's too expensive to change architects, but he persists. She tells Gerard that she is meeting Len Dinerstein's people, but she's wrong; she's meeting Len Dinerstein himself. He walks into her always-open office; Juliet could really use more of a gatekeeper type of assistant. She introduces Gerard and Len. After Gerard leaves, Len says that he doesn't see the company's relationship with Gerard going anywhere because his business model is driven by the whims of b-list actors and Eurotrash. Um, those types of people actually keep a lot of hotels afloat. This dude is whack. Juliet points out that Len has never actually worked in the service industry. She wants to protect the brand for her company, and he won't want to fight with her every day. He says that maybe he would. She asks him what she needs to do to get him to leave the company alone, and he explains that he took a position in the company because he feels the stock is undervalued. He wants to add value, so she doesn't need to worry about anything. She's still suspicious, so he tells her that "billionaire" is not a character trait -- it's just a word that goes next to his name these days. Juliet never thought of it like that! It's like she has finally started to care about the less fortunate -- or less encumbered, let's say. Len says that Juliet has made it clear that she doesn't want the company in play. Well, what about her? Is she in play? That rascal. Juliet says, "So that's what you're up to." Len says that his interest in Stanton Hall is sincere, as is his interest in her. Why did they pick this guy to play this? He has clearly not had enough time to study the Billionaire-Playing Handbook, and it's coming off like the chauffeur wearing the boss's clothes. Len asks Juliet to dinner, and she says yes.

Mia is trying to teach Wylie to catch, but he just recently escaped a life of starvation and pestilence on the streets of New York, so sitting is just fine with him, thank you. Jason rings the doorbell. He's shocked to see Wylie. And, he picks up on the dog's bad breath. Mia sits Jason down and takes off her robe, revealing the cutest little bra and panty set. Jason starts to kiss her and moves south, in a very not-for-network TV way, and once he's out of the shot...we hear snoring. Damn brain surgeons using all their energy on brains! Mia seems annoyed.

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