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Dog Eat Dog

Mia tracks down Wylie and Wally in the park. She says that she really wants Wylie. Her bond is about feelings, not his clipboard and questions. She pulls out the shoe that Wylie chewed on for six seconds, and Wylie goes CRAZY! Not really, but he comes to her.

Zoë and Eric try to transport Sasha's science project, but she falls down the stairs and drops it. My mom fell down the stairs once when I was about Sasha's age and I totally started laughing. I'm laughing right now thinking about it. Seriously, it was hysterical. Zoë tries to put the project back together again and won't even let Sasha help, which eventually upsets the girl. Eric tells her to stop. Sasha brings down her own science project. Eric tells Zoë that, if she wants to go back to work, that's fine.

At the fashion show, Juliet says that playing "the game" at Len's level is what she'd always wanted. Backstage, it looks like Caitlin may have come up with a solution. She goes to sit with the girls and tells them that the show is all about the makeup. It begins, and the girls are wearing nude undergarments and crazy makeup. It's the most ridiculous Facts Of Life ripped-off bullshit I've ever seen in my life. This is so stupid. But, the crowd goes WILD. They love it! Denis is going to be the most famous designer of nude undergarments ever. Did they announce that they wouldn't be seeing his collection? Whatever. Lily and Caitlin exchange a look like Caitlin really saved the day or something. Seriously, the models have like peacocks and shit painted over their eyes. So completely not a cause for any sort of applause ever.

Later, Mia goes jogging with Wylie and she seems to like him a lot better than she did Jason. But Wylie doesn't like to jog much. Is this the last episode? It doesn't really seem like they gave much reason for why they should be on the air.

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