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Mia is walking to her office, and being followed by a bunch of screaming employees. Loser Todd says that his ad pages and circulation are up, but Clive keeps talking to him like he's "dogging it." All of the business talk on this show is so vague and clearly written by people who don't really know what they're writing about. It's like those girls on All My Children talking about the business side of Enchantment: it totally embarrasses me. Mia tries to explain that Clive is on edge because his wife is out of town. Then Clive walks in and asks if everyone is planning a mutiny. He demands to talk to Mia about her talking points for a Wall Street Journal interview that is days away.

That night, Jason and Mia are walking to the dinner party at Zoë's. He asks several questions about the guests, and Mia tells him that it's dinner, not a procedure. He says that everything is a procedure, and challenges her to name one thing that's not. That's actually kind of intriguing, and I can't stop trying to think of things that aren't procedures. It's crippling me!

At Zoë's, Mia and Jason join Juliet, Zoë, Caitlin, and Alicia. Mia says that it's nice to meet her, finally. You'd think that would be the main focus of the party and that Zoë would have told Eric, "Dude this is the party where we get to meet Caitlin's GIRLFRIEND," but no. Poor Caitlin is always in the corner. When Jason gets introduced, Zoë and Juliet stare at him; Jason says, "There won't be any drinking, and I promise to have her home by 11." Alicia says, "I know exactly how you feel." I guess they were supposed to be reacting to some protective looks or something from "the girls," but it was really heavy-handed. I hope the new lip gloss from Enchantment is everything I could have wanted. Jason tells Zoë that he has heard she has a celebrity chef cooking for them that evening. Yes, it's Luc Richard. Jason asks if he could watch Richard work; he had a kitchen dinner at Bella once, and watching the chef was the most fascinating kind of operating theater. Listen, that's, like, exactly what he said. Why is this Jason guy getting all the cool lines? It was still dorky as hell, but I like it when they really go for it. Caitlin seems impressed or frightened by him.

With Jason gone, the ladies sit. Mia says that she likes Jason, but that he's "intense in focus," and that she gets enough stress in work. Caitlin says that Mia needs a "tension tamer." A guy with whom she can have no-strings sex. Zoë says that Mia can't boil an egg without having a tri-part global strategy. They know her so well. Caitlin says that Mia needs to get Jack out of her system, and she says that she would, in fact, need a tri-part global strategy for that. Suddenly, Alicia asks to be excused and she goes to the bathroom.

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