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Then, that hot piece, Jamie, from 30 Rock, brings a martini into the room. I have this dream all the time. Zoë introduces him as Adam, their new Manny. Urgh. Then, she shows Mia a picture Adam took. Everybody thinks it's great. Adam leaves and everybody talks about how cute he is. Juliet hasn't said anything yet. That's weird. Caitlin thinks that Eric is either a prince or an idiot for hiring Adam (Eric's no slouch), and Zoë confirms that Eric is a prince, to which Caitlin responds, "Yawn." Wow.

Then Zoë whispers that work husband is coming to town. She says that when she heard he was coming, she got a shiver. Mia points out that finding a work husband is harder than finding a real husband. Everyone giggles. Jason comes out and says that he got a page, so he has to leave. Once he's gone, Caitlin says that he's a little intense, and that she needs a "tension tamer." Mia's phone rings, and it's Clive. Caitlin says that she has to check on Alicia, and leaves the room.

With everyone gone, Juliet tells Zoë that this is her first night out as a separated woman, and that Emily is in trouble at school. She mentions that Davis's solution was to sell their apartment and move to Westchester, and mentions that it would raise a lot of cash, because she and Zoë are always talking about money. Zoë asks Juliet how, as a COO, she could let Davis control all of their finances, and Juliet responds that it was always that way. Zoë says that, if Davis is draining their mutual accounts, there is nothing she can do until she gets a divorce attorney. Juliet says that Zoë always brings the party, and they laugh.

Outside, Mia is having a phone call with Clive, who is apparently always ALWAYS screaming. He must have a ton of friends. Adam brings her another drink. You would think this catered affair that Zoë won would have included a bartender. Just saying. Mia tells Adam that his photograph was beautiful, and asks him whether photography is a hobby for him. He got a BFA at RISD, bitch. They're really flirting. She says that she'll give him her card, and they'll talk more about his "photography." Then, they go back inside.

Caitlin enters some random bedroom in Zoë's house to find Alicia lying on a bed. She asks Alicia if she had any of the mini crab cakes, because she thought they tasted funny. It's not the crab cakes: Alicia's pregnant. Uh, yeah. By a donor. She and her ex had been trying, and after they broke up, Alicia decided to try one more time. And it took. She asks Caitlin if she has anything to say. Caitlin thinks and says...well, the only real thing you could say: "Congratulations." That is funny. Then, it 's commercial time, and we have to hear that infernal music. I really hate the score. It's killing me.

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