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The next morning...wait. Don't you want to know how Caitlin and Alicia got out of that bedroom? Did they tell anyone else the news? Was Caitlin awkward? I want to know! Anyway: the next morning, Eric and Zoë are hung over from the grappa. Eric must have been drinking in the kitchen. Eric suggests that they just give each other gifts for their anniversary. Zoë says that the traditional gift for a ten-year anniversary is tin. Eric says he might get Zoë license plates. Then, Eric turns all the way around in order to have his eye accidentally caught by a picture of the two of them at a tropical location. He picks up the picture and looks at it as Zoë reenters the room. He says, "I miss her." (The old Zoë, that is.) He misses the way they used to be. This angers Zoë a little, because doesn't he think she misses that too? Eric doesn't want to argue, though -- it's not like their marriage will be annulled if they don't have a bash for the anniversary. Actually, that's part of the Defense of Marriage Act. Vote wisely! Eric says that he's still trying to move his business meeting.

The next day, at Mia's office, Clive is having a talk with Mia and all her editors. Doesn't he have an office? Isn't he the boss? Why is he traveling to Mia's office all the time? Isn't it sort of a power play to make people come to your office? It just seems like Clive's giving up power to come to Mia's office, and I don't think he'd do that. It makes him seem sitcom-y, too. So, Clive is upset that everyone is not as stressed as he is. Magazine publishing is a dying business, and everyone's acting like they're selling iPhones. He wants people to go back to their offices and get stressed! He then chases everyone out of the office, and leaves himself. Mia -- who is wearing a really interesting orange suit and has her hair in this wavy side do and her makeup is so sharp and perfect -- gets a phone call from Adam. He kids that she must be dying to see his portfolio and him, and Mia says that he's a mind reader.

At her office, Zoë's wearing a halter dress, which seems like an odd choice until you realize that she's gotta keep the work husband interested. She and Max awkwardly kiss on the cheek. Zoë's acting like she's in junior high. Max says that it's true what they say: she has legs. And, they're lovely legs. Which he's allowed to say because he has lived in Europe for three years? Zoë says that Max has lived in Switzerland, so he's supposed to remain neutral. Good one. Not really. Just as Max sits, Katherine comes into the office and sort of throws herself at Max, which is always entertaining. After she leaves, Max asks how many men in the office Katherine has been through. Zoë asks him how he knew, and he says that, in his office, there is a Claudia and a Joelle, which I don't think I get. Then, Zoë and Max sort of stare at each other a little more. BORING.

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