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At her office, Caitlin gets a visit from Sam, the guy she flirted with at the baby shower. He asks her how her sexual confusion was going, as if it were a project that she would be completing sometime soon. She replies that it's always an adventure, and asks him what his surname is (Morgan), and she recognizes it as the name of a famous playwright. She loved his play Our Lady Of Great Neck, which is a pretty awesome title. He asks if she'd like to go to dinner, and suddenly her assistant tells her that Alicia is on the phone. Caitlin immediately says that she will call Alicia back. Danger. Sam tells Caitlin that Tom Stoppard is being feted at "Mike and Diane's," and Sam would like to take her. She notes that he dropped some names, and says she doesn't want to go to the dinner. So, will she do dinner with just Sam the next night? She asks why he's trying so hard with her, and he says it's because she is cute and "didn't bat an eye" when she called him out on the name-dropping. I don't really understand what that means. Why would you bat an eye at that? Caitlin agrees to dinner, and Sam leaves with a handshake and a kiss on the cheek. That dude is sexy, and he and Caitlin are really hot together.

At her school, Emily storms out the front door with Juliet and Davis behind her. She says that the picture was fake: she was being ironic about her the cliché of the Chasen girl. It was still inappropriate, and she apologizes. However, she hates Chasen and wants to go away to boarding school. She goes to school with Cilla Gray's son, Brian, and he apparently used his mom's affair with Davis as a come-on. Clever kid. Juliet seems struck by Emily's desire to leave Chasen. She says that Emily's a good kid.

At Mia's office, Adam is showing Mia his portfolio. She likes it. She sees a nude picture of Adam and his ex-girlfriend, and he says that it's a little "Annie Leibovitz John Lennon and Yoko Ono." No cooler-than-thou RISD grad would compare himself to someone as bourgeois as Leibovitz, and I would seriously stake...something very important on that. Then, Adam pulls out a camera and, despite her protests, takes a picture of Mia. He's a bad actor, but his dimples make me warm inside. Tracy enters to pull Mia out for a meeting, so she says goodbye to Adam, telling him she wants to hold onto his portfolio for a day so that she can show the art director. Adam kisses her on the cheek, and then leaves.

Zoë and Max are working together on different phones in a room full of people, like hostage negotiators. Max tells Zoë that he agreed on her behalf that the two of them would work with some guy in Southampton. He likes the personal touch. Zoë can't (anniversary), but Max insists: he wants to get this deal done. Zoë will see what she can do about moving her "appointment."

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