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Later, Zoë and Eric are bickering about their schedules, while Adam walks with the kids. Eric says that he moved a bunch of people's schedules around to be free on their anniversary. At this moment, Adam gets a text message from Mia saying that she got some feedback on his portfolio and asking if he wants to meet later. Eric tells Zoë that they both need a wife (word!), and Eric joins the kids. Zoë seems kind of crushed, which I'm not sure she really has the right to be. Eric turns around and says, with outstretched hand, "Let's go home." But Zoë shakes her head. I wonder where she's going? Seriously.

That night, in her office, Mia's looking through Adam's portfolio with him and giving him the art department's feedback. She says that one person said his shots needed "more attitude, more edge." Then, we hear Clive screaming at someone. Mia says that Adam should go. He asks her to go for a drink with him. She says no for tonight, but adds, "We'll see" for the future. Then, as she's walking Adam out, he turns around and gives her what amounts to one of the least hot kisses ever on TV.

Sam and Caitlin are out having dinner and drinks. Caitlin's telling Sam about Alicia's pregnancy. He asks whether she had been hiding it; she had -- she is three months along. He asks Caitlin whether she noticed any weight gain, and Caitlin says she thought it was "I'm-so-in-love poundage." Not so crazy, actually. Sam tells Caitlin that his shrink has told him to talk less and listen more, which has given him the opportunity to see all that is out there (all that is out there=Caitlin). Then, he kisses her. Suddenly, Sam sees a man enter the restaurant. It's a producer to whom he owes a script, so he drops a fork and sticks his head under the table. Oh, strange, Alicia is with the producer, so Caitlin sticks her head under the table, too. Sam asks Caitlin whether she owes a script to the producer too. She doesn't explain; she just says they have to get out of there. Sam leaves his credit card on the table and they sneak out of the kitchen. Outside, they kiss in the alley. It's kind of hot, no?

The next day, Zoë tells Juliet on the phone that she has to get a divorce attorney if she wants to stop Davis from spending all of her money. She's going to set up a meeting with Rafe Gropman, attorney-at-law. Juliet asks Zoë to keep it anonymous.

Caitlin is totally hung over at work when Alicia arrives with lunch. She asks Caitlin what she did the night before, and Caitlin says that she went to dinner and was overserved. Alicia says that she went to dinner the night before, too, but Caitlin already knows that. Busted. Caitlin says that she slept with Sam. So much for showing instead of telling. Alicia asks why Caitlin can't be straight with her. Heh. Alicia says that she doesn't want any jokes, but Caitlin reminds Alicia that she lied about a freaking pregnancy. Alicia says that she doesn't want to own Caitlin; she just wants to trust her. It's not uncommon to go back and forth between guys and girls when you're trying to figure out who you are. That's certainly an original arrangement, but not necessarily believable. Caitlin says that she's never had what she has with Alicia, so they kind of bump shoulders in a hug fashion.

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