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Juliet is with Emily and a woman as Emily is interviewed for a school. The woman asks what it is about Chasen that makes her want to change schools, and Juliet just blurts that Emily posted a provocative picture of herself in front of the school flag. Emily is mortified, but Juliet says that she and the woman were classmates at the school where Emily is interviewing. They wouldn't have covered that when they went into the interview room? The lady says that Juliet holds the record for most suspensions and probations for a student who actually graduated. Then, she welcomes Emily to the school and leaves. Why can't every transaction in life be this easy? Juliet explains to Emily that she's not that different from the way Juliet was as a girl. She says that she turned into "Juliet" once she realized that her parents weren't going to take her back home. She taught herself some discipline. Juliet adds that, because she loves Emily and things with Juliet's own mother were never the same after Juliet went to boarding school, she would love for Emily to stay at home with her.

In Southampton, Zoë and Max are working. They finish a conference call and are apparently done with their work. Zoë notes that they went all the way there for ten minutes of face time with the big guy, so she wonders if Max set this up. He says that he would never inconvenience a colleague like that, but they are making a version of goo-goo eyes at each other. He asks Zoë if she'd be flattered or offended if he'd arranged for it, and she says she'd be flattered! Max says that he may be coming to work in New York. They decide to grab some dinner, but Zoë finds a picture of her family in her suitcase that Eric put there. Zoë says that she's going to try to burn rubber and get home to see Eric before their anniversary is over.

Mia and Jason are walking on the street together when Jason says he has to get back to the hospital. Before he leaves, he says that he doesn't do casual relationships: he likes Mia, and he won't always be busy. I'm assuming that information was related. Mia tells him not to be worried about his schedule, because she feels like Lois Lane when he goes off to save a life. Jason leaves in a cab just as Mia receives a text from Adam. It says that he is alone at Zoë's. She thinks for a second, and then grabs a taxi. She gets to Zoë's, where she and Adam immediately start making out.

There's a Wendy's commercial about how their fish sandwich is all "premium" which, if that's not total bullshit, then I don't know what.

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