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Emily can't sleep, so she gets into bed with Juliet. She says that some of her friends from eighth grade are in public school and they really like it. Juliet asks Emily if she wants Juliet to set up an interview! Ha! Emily informs her that she won't need an interview for public school. Emily gives a little and says that they might be able to take a tour, and Juliet says that they'll do that. That was kind of sweet!

Mia and Adam are making out when Zoë bursts through the door. She screams, then Mia scream. Ha! Mia's face is covered in lipstick and she laughs and says, "It's not what it looks like!" This is funny. Adam tells Zoë that Eric went to Southampton to find Zoë.

Next, we see Eric knocking on the door of a hotel in Southampton. So sad, he and Zoë are never going to find each other. Max answers the door in a robe and immediately knows that he needs to explain himself. He tells Eric that Zoë went home to be with Eric. As Max is closing the door, Eric's phone rings and it's Zoë. She tells him to sit tight: she'll be there.

Zoë asks her driver to taker her back to Southampton just as a disheveled Mia runs out the door. She and Zoë talk over each other and decide to discuss her indiscretion at a later date.

In Southampton, Zoë gets to Eric with two minutes remaining in their anniversary. They're kissy kissy happy.

The next morning, Mia -- looking smoking hot in a white suit -- is ready for the WSJ reporter. Clive comes into her office and tries to prep her again, but she makes him stop. She asks when his wife is coming back, and tells him he needs to get laid.

Later, Zoë goes over the rules for Mia dating her Manny. Adam and Mia can't do anything else in Zoë's house, and Mia has to clear weekend nights with Zoë. Mia says that she made a mistake, and Zoë replies, "We all make mistakes." That Zoë is going to fall off of her high horse one day. It ain't gonna be pretty. However, it will probably be entertaining.

Caitlin shows up and is a mess about her current situation. She sits with the girls and tells them that she feels like a train wreck. She doesn't want to talk anymore; she just wants to sit there with them. After only a few seconds, though, Caitlin and Zoë realize that they're late.

Next, we see them joining Juliet, walking so very briskly like fancy ladies do into a lawyer's office. Juliet says it's not necessary for them to be there, but Zoë says that they were there for her wedding, and Caitlin says they'll be there for Juliet's divorce. Zoë says that Rafe, the attorney, is the most powerful shark in New York. Juliet's in good hands.

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