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The girls enter Rafe's office (it's Harris Yulin! Awesome!), and he greets Zoë. Rafe sees everyone and says that he doesn't give group rates. Zoë introduces Juliet and he asks if Draper is her married or maiden name. When he hears that it's her married name, he asks if Davis is her husband. Uh, yeah. Well, he can't talk to her. Zoë tells Juliet that it would seem as though Davis has already retained Rafe Gropman. Snap! Juliet touches her brow, and Rafe pushes some tissue toward her because he thinks that she's crying. She looks at him like he's crazy and says, "Does anyone need a tissue?" Then, she wishes him luck representing Davis, and struts out whence she strutted in.

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Cashmere Mafia




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