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Davis and Juliet are having their Portmanteau photo shoot, posing beside the new car. Juliet has some luggage with her. She tells Davis that they're props, because it's all about image with him. She asks if he would have ever told her about Cilla. He stumbles and doesn't really answer. I'm not sure what Juliet wants from that. She tells him that she's tired of posing. The bags are packed. She wants him to move out. They're done. Davis has broken Juliet's heart and she can't trust him. She says he doesn't deserve it and, with stupid happy music playing, she walks away.

Caitlin shows up for cake and ice cream at Luke's birthday party. Sam calls her and addresses her as "Spray-on." She tells Zoë that she gave Sam his number, and that she is "the worst lesbian ever."

That night, Mia is walking home from somewhere, and Jack is waiting for her outside her place. He apologizes for the way things ended and says it sucked to see her with someone else. She says she hasn't forgiven Jack, and asks him what he wants; he says he doesn't know. She tells him that she wants to move on with her life, and walks inside.

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