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Once Wendy has gone, Mia smiles at her parents and says, "She's very energetic." Dad replies, "Welcome to my world." Mom asks Mia if she's seeing anyone, and Mia reminds her that she and Jack just broke up. Mom says that she never liked Jack -- Mia was smarter than he is and he knew that. Which is kind of smart of him, wouldn't you say? Mom tells Mia that she's found someone for her, which immediately sends Mia into a tizzy, but Mom pushes through. She says his name is Jason Chun, he's a doctor, and he has never been married. I guess the "never married" part starts getting unique the older you get. That's an interesting thing to think about. Mom adds that Jason just moved to New York from Seattle, and that his mother says he's very handsome. Mia says that's the "kiss of death," and she's probably right. Mom adds that she has a date to meet Jason at 5 PM that day. Dad says that there's only one way to stop her, but it looks like Mia decides not to shoot her with a silver bullet. She says that she will agree to meet Jason if Mom agrees not to try to set her up with anyone for at least a year. Mom says that she just wants Mia to be happy, and Mia defensively and unconvincingly says that she is happy. Then, she grabs her Blackberry to mark the one-year date of no set-ups in her calendar.

Juliet is having a meeting in her office. She tells Roman from Gossip Girl that he needs to "close this deal" if he wants to make his boutique hotel in Miami a global brand. His name is Gerard Dumais, and he says that everything must live up to the Gerard Dumais name. He just put a lot of pressure on himself. Juliet made some changes to some contract and says that he's going to be very happy with it, but Roman says that those are just words. His language is that of colors, music, and textures. He is a perfectionist, and he demands the right to veto any aspect of the hotels that they will be collaborating on. Juliet says that she is a perfectionist too! (Oh, and Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler are the writers of this episode. Boys, we need to talk.) Roman wants to know how can she stand to work in a building where the windows don't open. "That's the design of the building," she replies. Well, the windows in his hotels will open, and that's non-negotiable. It's Roman of the Suicide Johnson chain of hotels. So luxurious. You check in and then you check out.

Roman leaves just as Davis enters. "What's up with Pepe Le Pew?" he asks. Juliet says that she has been trapped in her office with him for hours. Hmm, that's funny, because their conversation sounded totally surface and it felt like we heard the entire gist of what they had to say to each other. Whatever. Davis asks if Juliet's trying to make him jealous, which he really should know better than to ask. Throw salt on an open wound, why don't ya? Juliet says that, no, she's not trying to make Davis jealous. She starts to make a phone call, but Davis puts his finger on the cradle. He tells her to come outside with him. Intrigued, she follows.

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Cashmere Mafia




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