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That night, Juliet exits a town car carrying a lovely picnic basket just as Davis is leaving his place of work. And, Cilla Gray is with him. What a fucking moron this guy is. Every heard of a back entrance? Leaving at different times? Some people just don't know how to cheat. Juliet greets Cilla with a smile. Davis says that it's not what it looks like, and Cilla says she should leave. Juliet offers her some decadent braised shortribs and roasted beets, but Cilla says that's too rich for her tastes. This really sets Juliet off, and she shoves the basket at Cilla: "Oh Cilla, what could possibly be too rich for your tastes." Juliet stomps off, and Davis follows her. She says she feels foolish, and he tries to explain: his hedge fund is in trouble, and Cilla is helping to bail him out. I bet she is and putting those pecs to work. Also revealed -- Davis has been dipping into their savings. He bought Juliet the car to show his investors that he has confidence in his fund. He says he only went to Cilla for money, but Juliet says she doesn't know what to believe and leaves.

Later, Zoë and Juliet meet for a drink. Zoë has asked around and heard that Davis's fund is in trouble. Juliet doesn't know what to do. Zoë says that Davis is a liar, but Juliet starts to defend him a little bit. Zoë is kind of relentless, and Juliet says that everything is black and white, and that she envies that. In this case, "envies" = "is really annoyed by." Zoë says that Juliet needs to do what is right for her, but Juliet says that she needs to do what is right for her marriage.

At the lesbian bridal shower, all the ladies are at a long table. Alicia says that she feels like she is at some sort of shower every weekend. We all do. One couple says that they are planning on getting pregnant; each of them will squeeze out a puppy. Their inseminator is a Calvin Klein employee, so he's gorgeous. Then, they ask Alicia and Caitlin where they'll get their sperm if they decide to have a family. Okay, Alicia won't even call this a relationship, and her friends are asking Caitlin about her sperm procuring? Weird. Caitlin excuses herself from the table. I'd imagine that the crème fraîche is looking pretty nasty right now.

Caitlin goes to the unisex potty and walks in on a guy washing his hands. She apologizes, and he says that it's okay; everything is put away. She replies that it's not like she's never seen that sort of thing before. Is this the Overshare Café? She starts to fix her hair in the mirror and he tells her to relax, she looks beautiful. Then, she says she gets a spray tan. I guess she was supposed to be nervous and just blurting that out? Weird. The guy's like, "Okay." He squeezes past her and they're really close and she tells him that he should lock the door the next time he's in the bathroom. He tells her to knock, and then leaves. They're pretty cute together. I have to say the whole lesbian storyline has really been lame up to this point. I'd prefer that, if Caitlin has to be with someone romantically, they find someone who at least has chemistry with her. This guy was pretty cute with her.

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