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Jason and Mia are walking to brunch together. Caleb Stackpole is apparently a famous adventurer, and Jason is very excited to meet him. Mia asks Jason if he was ever going to call her, and he says that he doesn't "really go for Chinese." Oh my. Mia is stunned. Jason asks Mia whether her parents pushing her to meet a "nice Chinese boy" doesn't push her in the opposite direction, like it does him. She says no, but he asks her how many Asian men she dates. Um, she doesn't. Okay, that's settled. She tells him that her ex-boyfriend is going to be at brunch, and she asks if he'll act like he's really into her. Don't you think you should just be able to ask that of people every once in a while?

Inside the party, Caleb Stackpole (!) greets Jason and Mia and is a little disappointing. I wanted more. They see Jack and Liz. Jason does a really good job of acting all into Mia. At the table, they continue the charade. Jack looks jealous.

Back at the bridal shower, the guy from the bathroom asks Caitlin why she didn't ask for his number. She says that it looked like he had his hands full, and he thanks her for noticing. Ha! She reminds him that she's with a lesbian bridal shower, and the guy -- his name is Sam -- says that he likes to date lipstick lesbians. Dear Jesus. I don't even know what to say. That's so ridiculous, but they both look very cute. Caitlin gives him her card and walks away.

Later, Jason asks Mia on an actual date. He says that he likes being with her. She shakes his hand, but he pulls her in for a kiss. Jason is a wooden actor.

At Luke's birthday party, there's a curly-haired dude leading the tykes in Laser Tag. (I saw that guy in a New York International Fringe Festival show about a cappella singers. It was really funny.) All the kids go nuts, including Zoë and Eric. Suddenly, Zoë realizes that the game is very violent. Then, Luke screams, "Die! Die! Die!" In the middle of the battle, Zoë gets a call on her cell. It's Katherine, who's asking Zoë to explain something to the investors. She freaks out and says that if they wanted her to explain something, they shouldn't have asked that the meeting be moved to a day when she couldn't be there. AFTER her rant, Katherine tells Zoë that she's on speakerphone. Yet another reason Katherine would be canned. You NEVER let someone talk on speaker when others are in the room without letting her know she's on speaker. The investor says that he is confused: Zoë's team asked for the date change; he certainly doesn't want to be there on a Sunday. Katherine and Clayton try to cover their tracks, but Zoë has got their number. The investor gets frustrated and says he doesn't want help from Katherine. Zoë very simply compares the deal that they're in to another one. Bam -- he gets it. He schedules a time to meet with Zoë on Monday, and tells Shane to buy some shoes with the $200 million he's about to get. (I guess he didn't wear the shoes that Zoë bought him after all.) Zoë asks Clayton to pick up the phone. She tells him that she will defend herself, even if that means calling his wife and telling her about him and Katherine. Clayton looks a little nervous about that. The Laser Tag is over, and Zoë got the second highest score!

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