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Six Billion Dollar Eye

Boring Bionic Baseball Case. After citing some more baseball history about the ridicule suffered by the first guy (Charlie Waitt) ever to use a glove in 1875, Judge Baseball Case rules that the bionic eye shouldn't prevent Bionic Boy from playing baseball. Hugs all around. The press hold out digital cameras (you can tell they're digital because they are specifically not holding them up to their eyes, although I have to admit that, even today, a lot of the press hold cameras over their heads when snapping) and take pictures of the League's attorney.

Baseball stadium at night. Crowd. Roars. Bionic Boy steps up to the plate. There are some boos, some cheers. Hector and Horatio are there, cheering. Bionic Boy nearly gets taken out by the first pitch as the pitcher intentionally tries to hit him. The crowd gasps and Horatio gets to his feet, yelling. Whatever, he only understands rugby rules. Bionic Boy picks himself up, brushes himself off, and then nods and winks at the pitcher. For some reason, this makes the pitcher smile and decide he doesn't want to peg him any more. Horatio, with his bionic eyes, seems to catch all this and starts cheering. Bionic Boy gets ready to swing again. Close-up on his face, the screen goes black, there's silence, then a bat cracks and the crowd, well, I won't lie to you, it does go wild.

I'm willing to bet that, In The Future, I can sue to get those hours back of my life.

Next Week Or Actually Three Days From Now: It's Suing for Algernon.

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