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Battorney Manuel watches the two of them have their tête-à-tête from the hallway when Hector walks up and hands him something. They have a conversation in Spanish that is captioned. How cool would it have been if the conversation was in Esperanto because that was a new language In The Future? I guess it would undermine all Spanish-language persons, though. Maybe two other office people could be speaking it, and we would learn that Esperanto is actually the official language they speak in the new state of East Canada, now called Shatneria? Battorney Manuel wonders if Hector thinks "he" slept with "her," and jerks his head at the two pretty people on the yellow IKEA couch. Hector thinks he'd be an idiot not to. So, he'd be an idiot if he didn't cheat on his wife? I'm quickly hating EVERY-one on this show. That's not a good sign. Battorney Manuel points out that Horatio is married. "I was commenting on his intelligence, not his morality," Hector subtitles. Right -- because they're all lawyers, they blur that line a lot and can be forgiven for it? What? Battorney Manuel laughs at Hector's wise old wit. They look back at the IKEA sofa couple again, and Hector thinks Khanita is "almost perfect." Hector wonders if she's "had some work done." Battorney Manuel's sure she has. "You know for sure?" Hector wonders. "I know nothing," Battorney Manuel says. Hector tells him, "That's why you lost for governor, you can't lie for crap." Well, that and he's not a psychotic, murdering cyborg. "What other work?" Hector wonders. "Well, I'd say she's had everything done," Battorney Manuel says, and informs Hector that Khanita is part of the Genetic Prototype Project. Hector nods, "Cool." I'm so glad they made the genetically perfected individual a woman, because otherwise I'd really miss all these moments of female objectification by the male members of the firm.

Horatio wonders if anyone has talked to Husband and Wife Client about reconciliation. Khanita points out that's not their job. "No, I suppose not," Horatio says, shifting uncomfortably. "You don't believe in divorce?" Khanita asks. Wait, he just asked about reconciling these two particular people; how does that even hint anything about his beliefs about divorce? Horatio turns to Khanita and says that he believes in commitments. "So does our client," Khanita says, and turns herself so that her cleavage is more readily available to Horatio's eyes. "So would you stay with your wife even if you were miserable?" "I'm not miserable," Horatio says. Khanita smiles as if she's caught him protesting too much, and says it was a hypothetical question. Horatio looks down and says, "If we only stood by the people who made us blissfully happy, the word 'commitment' would be kinda meanin'less." What's with the sudden Southern accent, Trip? "So, that's what marriage is supposed to be -- a test?" Khanita asks. Where is she getting that?

Horatio says that everything is a test of who they are and what their character is about. This show is a test of how much CRAP one single person can stand in a short period of time. Horatio asks if she would "do the right thing" even if there were a price to be paid. Khanita asks about happiness. If all this is supposed to be Stupid Sexual Subtext, I don't buy it, because I have no reason not to be sympathetic towards Horatio's wife and marriage. Yes, as yet his wife is a faceless non-character we haven't even met, but that doesn't give Khanita any more right to him than me -- I mean, than her! "If you don't live up to what you believe in, you'll be miserable, right?" Horatio asks. They're both making this discussion entirely too simplistic. Khanita stares at him. Suddenly, Horatio says, "There's sex on your screen -- pause!" The monitor pauses with Husband Client and Wife Client going at it. Khanita makes the monitor play while Horatio chastely looks away and thinks of England. She backs the video up thirty seconds and listens intently. Horatio steals a look at her profile. Right, because her genetically perfect hearing made her catch something on the video when she was passive-aggressively propositioning The Golden Boy?

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