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In Defense Of Clones

Courtroom. Well, I'm not going to lie. There's arguing. Horatio and Chin argue whether the cloned Axel is relevant to the case. Judge Vreeland is inclined to agree with Horatio, since "the prejudice engendered by this disclosure would surely outweigh any relevance to the issue at hand: whether [Ira], as Axel's parent, can do what he wishes with the seized clone." Horatio smiles at his shoes. I'm jealous of those shoes. Chin drops a bomb: "Well, his parent might, Your Honor, but his brother cannot." Everyone asks, "What brother?" and Chin brings up what everyone was blinded to, and it's that Ira's kid is not his son, but his brother. More arguing over whether the jury now needs to be told. Chin thinks that if anyone has any right to decide what to do with the cells, it's the grandparents. That is, the parents, since they are the parents both of Ira and of Axel. Damn, where's that beer? Judge Vreeland agrees with Chin. Chin smirks. Judge Vreeland asks Ira if his parents concur in this lawsuit. Ira looks lost. Horatio darts over to him. "You can't let this happen; my parents wouldn't understand," Ira whispers. Horatio asks for a continuance. Judge Vreeland grants him twenty-four hours and says that the grandparents must join the case as plaintiffs, or the case will be dismissed.

Back at the Office, Battorney Montero explains to the rest of us that if the case is dismissed, it's like it never happened. Hannah, Battorney Montero, and Hector argue over whether to pull out of the case. Battorney Montero knows that the jury won't feel sympathy for the clone because public opinion is dead set against cloning. Hannah doesn't want her firm to go down in flames for Ira. Hector thinks that if they ditch out, "A child dies and it's Lukas's fault. This young lawyer might never recover." "I know politics," says Battorney Montero. "I know recovery," Hector trumps him. They look to Hannah, who sighs that her life hasn't been made any easier by starting her own firm. You know, some of these people just don't seem bright enough to be lawyers.

Horatio talks to Ira's parents and tells them that all they have to do is to sign on the dotted line. The Dad of Clone is really pissed that Ira lied to them, and Horatio tries to make him realize how important it is to save Axel. Dad of Clone argues, "By saying that it's okay to kill his clone, who, if I'm following this correctly, is also our son? We have triplets, Melanie." Hee, no flies on him. Melanie says that they can't just let their grandchild die. "We're not supposed to let anyone die," Dad of Clone says, and gets up, adding that he can't "do this." Horatio appeals to Mom of Clone to sign the stinking paper already. Dad of Clone prompts Mom of Clone to join him in the infuriated leaving. She does. Horatio goes to the door and watches them leave. Hector sees them leave and looks at Horatio. Horatio puts his hands in his pockets. Lucky pockets.

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