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In Defense Of Clones

In the law firm's Ten Forward, Horatio tells Hannah that it's not over. "Really? Because we were ready to clone Chin and give him your job," Hannah snarks. Oh, the office humor, how Dilbert. Horatio explains that he'll give Mom and Dad of Clone until noon, and then he'll file a petition to be named Axel's legal guardian: "I can represent Axel's interests if I can show that there's no one else there to protect him." Hector comes over and announces that Mom and Dad of Clone are "in." In the convincing, Hector told them about his great-grandmother Sadie, who lived to one-hundred-four years old and thought the mop was the greatest invention of her lifetime because, pre-mop, women got down on their hands and knees and scrubbed the floors. Hector goes on: "I told them not to be confused by cloning, embryos, bio-tech schmio-tech -- what matters is simple, is real." Which is their love for their grandson. "You mean their son," Horatio corrects. "I mean that it doesn't make a rat's ass of difference -- you love the kid, you do what you have to do," Hector finishes. Horatio exhales and nods. Is this going to be a regular "thing" on this show? Hector going around fixing everything off-screen with quaint stories from his childhood ending with a rat's ass?

Courtroom. The gist of Chin's closing argument is that if they allow Ira to use the cell cluster to save his kid's life, it won't stop there. The precedent will be set for lots of clones to be created specifically to have their organs harvested. Chin ends sarcastically: "They're just slabs of tissue, waiting to be used to save us, the living. What's the harm? They're not human, they're just...what? [eying Axel] Property." ["I'm convinced." -- Wing Chun] Axel darts out of the courtroom. Oh, please can someone find the kid in contempt? Lots of gasps and murmuring. Khanita tells the father-brother to stay while she goes after Axel. The jury eyes Chin.

Outside, Khanita sits next to Axel. Wait, is she going to sing to him of silver swans? Of kingdoms and of carillons. Will she sing to him of bodies intertwined underneath an innocent sky? Probably not if she fears John Lithgow smacking her knuckles with a bible. Man, that was when Chris Penn was a slim awkward kid named Willard, Kevin Bacon had Clay Aiken hair, Sarah Jessica Parker was a natural brunette, and the VW Bug represented rebellion in a danceless small town rather than retro-chic in Silicon Valley. That was also the time when "Almost Paradise" (not the music box version) turned me into the most pathetic jar of maudlin jelly (seedless) that you've ever seen. And after that emaciated dance with smaller breasts than a pre-pregged Debra Messing in a over-the-county-line bar, Lori Singer just dropped like a bulimic stone out of sight, didn't she? Oh, wait, I'm recapping something.

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