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In Defense Of Clones

Khanita tells Axel her story. She's different, just like him. "You're a clone?" Axel asks. So the kid now knows he's a clone? Did he know before? That's sort of more upsetting than finding out you were adopted. Khanita says she's not exactly a clone, and explains, "When I was born, there were certain diseases and poisons that bothered people. So they did something to my genes -- those are the little things inside your body that tell it how to grow -- so that the diseases and poisons didn't bother me. And they tried to make me smart and strong and stuff like that." And they made you blonde, blue-eyed, beautiful and Aryan Nation stuff like that. Axel wants to know "how strong?" I want to know "how smart." I mean, if you're taking the SAT and competing with genetically engineered prospective students, isn't that a bit unfair? Maybe there's a circle to fill in next to your Social Security Number: "Are you genetically perfect? If yes, make sure you are taking Test Booklet Schedule 666." Khanita laughs at his silly question: "Pretty strong, for a girl." Shut up, Avery -- go back to your frozen dinners. Axel wonders if people make fun of her, but Khanita says she doesn't tell anyone her little secret. Except when she has to pull the heartstrings of a case. Axel whines that he doesn't want to be different, which prompts Khanita to file the anvil: "We're not different [say it with me now]: we're special." Yeah, but she's buried-alive-on-a-dead-planet special, whereas the kid's sliced-up-on-a-pizza special. The kid hurls himself into Khanita's arms.

Which is supposedly where Horatio would like to be, but he's delivering his closing argument. He flicks out a knife and orders the jury to kill the kid. A few members jump. "Just take this knife and kill him," Horatio says, and then adds that that's exactly what they will be doing if they deny him access to the cell cluster. "But that would be messy, painful, so do him a favor, do it quick." How is stabbing someone considered not messy and painful? Seriously, these lawyers? Not much with the smarts. He offers the knife to a woman on the jury who has the exact expression on her face I get when I go to a play and one of the actors starts projecting his lines directly at me: surprised, bemused, and really wanting to crawl under my seat. Also, what if one of the jurors decided to snatch the knife and start stabbing people? I've never served, but somehow I don't think "Would you stab your fellow jurors with a switchblade" is one of the questions they screen you with. "And after you've done that, find those cells in the government warehouse and kill them too." Now, they'll be right next to the Ark of the Covenant, right? "Because that's what the government's going to do if it wins here today: uphold the sanctity of human life by killing every living thing associated with this case." Is the government going to kill Ira and the Parents of Clone as well? I mean, he did say "every living thing." Khanita comes back in, leading Axel by the hand. I'm glad he didn't hear Horatio say that the government's going to kill him, because that kind of talk could make a clone paranoid. Horatio speechifies some more, even going so far as to scrape off microscopic bits of his skin and ask who owns them. Then he rubs off the knife and flicks the cells to the floor and scuffs at them with his shoe, saying that he destroyed them, and is the government going to come and prosecute him for murder? Okay, as much as I Moan for Ioan, I do have friends coming in this weekend, so I'm gonna cut to the chase: he finishes his closing.

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