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In Defense Of Clones

Office. Chin names his terms: "You don't go public, no press conference." Fine. "You don't claim credit, you don't make it a precedent." Done. "You get the cells back, the boy, the grandparents." "You mean the parents?" Horatio digs. "The old couple, they all go away today. Singapore, wherever, what they do when they get there they keep to themselves." "No," says Horatio. He wants the father to go free as well. What? Ira himself said he was going to plead guilty, pay the fine, and do the time -- he broke a law. Which is what Chin points out: "He's under criminal indictment." "So drop it," Horatio insists. Whip out your sword and duel him and maybe he will. Come on, you know you want to! Chin says he can't drop it. "He goes too, or we go back in this courtroom and take our chances with the jury," Horatio stipulates. "That kid needs a father." Or a brother. Chin sighs.

Hannah works late so that she can dispense wise old adages. Horatio knocks on her door because she summoned him. "Some lawyers don't know why they do it, some know exactly why, the rest of us figure it out day by day. I hope you figured out today that if you stick with it, in fifty years or so you might make a halfway decent attorney," Hannah says, all without turning around. "And that's all?" Horatio asks. Hannah finally turns to look at him and says, "You were expecting a hug?" "You know, this whole dispensing of wise old adages without turning around to look at the person only happens on television -- who doesn't have their desk facing the door?" the Evil Dr. Mathra blusters.

Saturday: An athlete has a bionic eye and is booted from the majors. Can Horatio save this multi-billionaire's humble dream?

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