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In Defense Of Clones

The credits. Well, they're definitely about a pound of Pt. Reyes Original Blue. I mean, they're somewhat stinky, but they have the potential to be interesting. They also have some weird D.C. Comics quality that I'm not entirely sure I don't like. The slide ruler dateline along the bottom does remind me a bit of the Enterprise opening, with that show's overlay of maps. They do pull out Roe v. Wade rather more prominently than any of the other dates ticking along the bottom so we can remember what is happening in our time. They also want us to know what sort of stuff they're dealing with in 2030 and flash "Cyberdivorce" right next to Ioan's credit. Is that a presentiment of things to come, given the suggestion in this episode of his possible past indiscretions? "Genetic Rights" also pops up larger than the other text. As for the music, all I can say is I'm happy there are no lyrics, but it sounds rather tribal and ancient for such a futuristic show. Again, I'm not entirely sure I don't like it.

Back in the boardroom where all the lawyers are now gathered, Horatio Hornblawyer explains the facts of the clone case: "Axel Sisto was born with a defective liver. He's had three operations so far, but he needs a compatible liver transplant or he'll be dead in a year." Axel? The kid's name is Axel? So, given the title of this episode, I have to think of Axl Rose, which makes me think of Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty and you know, roses have thorns. Thorn was the name of the vampire's dog in The Lost Boys. The Lost Boys was filmed in Santa Cruz (called Santa Carla in the movie, "the murder capital of the United States"), and tomorrow we're taking the Pacific Coast Highway (also known as the PCH or Route 1) down to Santa Cruz. Do you see how everything centers on me? "When he said 'born with a defective liver,' I thought I heard him say that Axel was 'born into a defective litter.' Like, that's how they have kids in the future: In a box under the stairs," the Evil Dr. Mathra interjects. My question is, and I'm no genetic scientist, mind, but won't the clone also have a defective liver? I mean, if they harvest the clone's liver cells, don't they have the potential to be just as messed up as the prototype's liver since they're, well, CLONES?! The father's liver isn't compatible because he got Hepatitis-D "back in the teens" (by which they mean the 20teens, I guess, and not Ira's teenage years), and the waiting list for juvenile transplants is three years. Hector wonders why Ira didn't have another kid "the old-fashioned way." Ira's a widower. "Well, he could have strapped on a mate-finder and scanned for women who want to have organ donor babies," Darwin callouses. It's kind of hard to tell which part of that sentence is sarcastic.

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