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In Defense Of Clones

Horatio frets over the cases Chin cited as being really out of date, but points out that he got them a jury trial. Battorney Montero wonders how a jury is going to feel about an embryo's being treated like property. They debate whether a cluster of cells is considered an embryo. "It's certainly a potential person," Battorney Montero concludes. "Not necessarily," says Ira, explaining that the treatment Axel needs could be done without bringing the cloned cells to full term. The lawyers ask for elaboration. Ira says he's not looking for a larger family -- just a liver for his son: "If there were a problem, we could manipulate the embryo to pinch off all development except for the liver and supporting circulatory systems," he explains. "'Pinch off'?" Battorney Montero repeats. "Pinch off what?" Hannah wonders. "Well, the head," Ira admits. Good to know Kids in the Hall humor is alive and well in the future. As Horatio looks a bit ill, Ira thinks that pinching off the head would mean they couldn't define the cells as a person and they would win, right? Hector snarks that the jury is going to love that.

Horatio researches at the Lucite wall. Lee May comes in. They exchange strained pleasantries. Finally, Horatio steps forward and says, "Look, since you've started we haven't had a chance to talk about...." "Last summer," Lee May finishes for him. Oh, dear, is Lukas Gold not as pure of heart in his private life as he is in his professional? Lee May wonders if that's why he's been avoiding her. Horatio denies that he has. Lee May explains that she's not a summer associate at another law firm; she's a permanent associate in this one: "You're my colleague. You're married. It was just a flirtation." Horatio just thought they should talk about it. So, maybe it's that he's SO pure of heart that he gets his breeches in a twist over a mild flirtation? Lee May doesn't think there's anything to talk about, and then she manages to drop her papers. Oldest trick in the book. As though it were a duchess's fan, Horatio gallantly bends down to help her retrieve them and they exchange a face-to-face moment. I glean from that sheaf of anvils that we're supposed to believe there's continued unrequited sexual tension there. Funny how I choose not to see it.

Next day. The three remaining Old Men on the Block serenade Darwin and Lee May. They seem to be singing the song T.J. mentioned. Haven't they written any new material in all these years? I'm assuming it's been "all these years," since this is the first time they've run into legal difficulties from T.J. when they tried to do something as a band. "Catchy," Darwin comments. "Retchy," I comment. "Fourteen million downloads," Kevyn Aucoin informs them. "Things were going strong until June zero-nine --" "When T.J. went on a six-month hiatus to try to be an actor," another Old Man on the Block adds. Darwin's not really listening; he's more interested in knowing where they drink their Fountain of Youth Cosmopolitans. "Well, plastic surgery," Kevyn says, gesturing, "Lift, nip, implant, tuck, tighten, hair." Lee May tries to get back to the case, but Darwin doesn't think any plastic surgeon is that good. "We also took telomerase activators. It's [sic] enzymes that rejuvenates [sic] our chromosomes," Kevyn explains. Lee May keeps talking, but since no one listens to her, I don't either. Fascinated, Darwin gets Altoids-close to Kevyn and asks, "Is it injected?" "It's kind of experimental," Kevyn admits. "Yes, it's also associated with cancer," Lee May says, finally joining the topic at hand. Yeah, but isn't everything these days? It's the cancer vibe that T.J. gives as one of the reasons for refusing to take it. "That, and it's unnatural and basically degrading to human dignity," Lee May goes on. So, tell me, Avery: isn't being genetically engineered into bleached-blonde perfection unnatural and degrading to human dignity? ["Maybe her point is that it's degrading to be forced to do it against one's will, as the Old Men are asking T.J. to do." -- Wing Chun] Darwin continues to scrutinize the Old Men on the Block at uncomfortably close range. Kevyn grins widely at Lee May's invective and says, "Tell that to Mick Jagger. I saw him in Boston last year, he looks great!" Well, Mick could probably be considered unnatural even without the telomerase in-babble-rators. "What age did you have to start?" Darwin asks.

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