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In Defense Of Clones

Horatio advises Ira as to how to act on the stand as he and Battorney Montero walk with their client under a monorail track. Monorail! Monorail! "You call the clone 'cells,' you don't call it an embryo. And if the other side asks about your plans for the cells --" "We'll object," Battorney adds. "Actually, we won't," Horatio corrects him. "If we're overruled, it would only alert the jury that something damaging was being said. If they get into that area, we play it as a minor detail. Hypothetical lawyer stuff." Someone commented that Ioan's makeup was too heavy and obvious in this scene. I can't really say that I see it; however, I do have grave concerns about his hair. It looks bouffed in some shots and stringy-greasy in others. Horatio advises Ira to say as little as possible. That's not very helpful at all, honey.

Ira states his details as he sits on the stand. He's an industrial engineer, his wife died in a plane crash, and he has one seven-year-old son. Horatio clarifies that Ira knows he broke the law when he brought the clone into the U.S., and that Ira intends to plead guilty and do his time. Ira's also never broken a law in his life. He's under oath here, right? I mean, given what we learn a few minutes later about his son's birth, I think he might have perjured himself. Horatio asks why Ira chose to break this law, and Chin stands up with his objection. I'll give you an objection: what's up with that weird hairstyle, Counselor? You look like Big Boy. The judge, who looks like Diana Vreeland, allows Horatio to continue. Ira explains about his son's condition and the liver transplant and more about what we already know. I still don't get how the clone avoids having a defective liver. ["I still don't get why they wouldn't just keep Axel and the clone both in Singapore until the procedure's already done." -- Wing Chun] Chin gets up to cross-examine Ira, and wonders if he considers his son property, since he's equating him with the clone he's trying to retrieve as his property. Ira slips up and says, "If it's born, it donates part of its liver. If it isn't born --" Chin pounces. "If it isn't born?" he repeats, and then demands to know whether Ira has plans for the embryo that involves its not being born. Horatio and Battorney quail visibly. They didn't prepare their client very well, did they? It's pulled out of Ira that, if necessary, he will sacrifice the embryo to harvest the liver. "Snuff out a potential life," Chin postures. Horatio jumps up, objecting. Sustained. "How dare you," Ira chokes out to Chin. "How dare I?" Chin dramaqueens, "You're the one growing a human embryo like a crop!" Even though Chin has no further questions, Ira decides to blather on: "For god's sake, abortion is legal in this country. A healthy fetus can be terminated because its mother doesn’t want to miss a Caribbean cruise or go up a dress size and you're telling me that I can't do what I want with a few tiny cells to save the life of my dying child? How dare you." Reaction shot from the jury. They look rather bored. Reaction shot from Chin. Seriously, what is up with that hair?! Horatio allows himself a small smile.

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