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In Defense Of Clones

Outside, Ira apologizes for his outburst, but Horatio told him he did great. Two elderlies approach with Axel and Ira introduces them as his parents. Ira takes Axel off to get ice cream, and Horatio has a nice little chat with the grandparents who have been taking care of Axel. So, has Ira been imprisoned for his crime, and that's why the grandparents are needed? I'd kind of like to see what the jail cells look like in the future. Or maybe they're just looking after the little brat when Ira's in court. The grandparents don't like the idea of making Axel stay in the courtroom, even though Horatio assures them that the jury needs to see him. It comes up that Axel never had a mother, and Horatio is confused: "Wasn't your son's wife around at the beginning?" Grandma says that Ira's wife died ten years ago. "Axel is seven," Horatio points out just as if it hadn't already been pointed out twice in the last five minutes. "They had a frozen embryo or something unnatural," Grandpa grumbles. Horatio looks over to where Axel and Ira are having ice cream. At precisely the same moment, both Axel and Ira look over at him, grinning. It's kind of creepy, actually. Father and son look back at each other. Horatio ponders. Damn, he's just so hot.

Back at the law office, Axel sits in the lobby again. Passing by with a file, Lee May gazes at the kid. Ira goes into Horatio's office and, after some back and forth, Ira admits that his son is a clone of himself. Horatio's quite angry at being kept in the dark, since both he and firm went out on a limb for this clone-happy dude. See? He totally perjured himself when he said he had never committed a crime before. As we've been told over and over, cloning is illegal in the U.S. Ira's wife died before they could explore fertility options, and so he cloned himself up a baby. He must have a permanent residence in Singapore. Given that the father has Hepatitis-D, does that mean he gave his son the current liver complaint?

Hannah waylays Lee May and asks her to do some work on Horatio's case. Lee May declines. "Law school ended in June, here there are no electives," Hannah tells her pleasantly. "No," says Lee May. Hannah asks her to have a seat, opaques out her windows, and explains that since they are a young firm, every lawyer has to be a jack-of-all-trades, and that they hired Lee May because they thought she'd "hit the ground running." Man, I am so sick of that expression. Every book project I take on has a managing editor saying the exact same thing to me. "I just don't get why I should work on this case -- it's a pro bono case about a boy who's been cloned," whines Lee May. "Too close to home?" Hannah asks, raising an exposition eyebrow. Lee May asks if Hannah knows about her. "I know you're a talented young attorney," says Hannah. "I mean, that I'm part of the Genetic Prototype Project," Lee May clarifies. Hannah pulls up a file and says she got an evaluation form that's part of a study. Lee May finishes for her: "To see how genetically enhanced humans function in society; to see if the laws in that area should be relaxed." We already know how they function in society -- they conquer society. Thank god this is all out in the open. Now I can stop calling her "Lee May" -- or "May Lee" as my fingers keep wanting to type -- and call her what I've been dying to for the last thirty minutes: Khanita. Or maybe Khansuela, Khannie, or Khanstance. Khanita goes on: "You should know I have all of the genes to make an excellent attorney: emotional control, logic, intelligence...." So, she's a Vulcan? Hannah tells her they aren't hard-wired for everything. "Oh? Did you know cheerfulness is related to a gene?" Khanita informs her, "Fear of heights, tendency to homesickness -- I wake up in the morning and I'm happy and I wonder, 'Am I happy because I'm happy? Or am I happy because some lab geek tweaked my R-49 gene allele when I was in a Petri dish?'" "Lab geek"? Too bad the classic snobbishness from the pretty people wasn't been tweaked out of the bitch's system. Hannah tells her just to be happy to be happy.

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