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Locksmith standing on the coastline. Helicopter shot. No. I'm serious. A graphic says, "One week later, Andy called Kerstin several times. Kerstin just hangs up." Way to change tenses there, fucking morons. "Andy has also contacted Amy. Amy had no interest." Hee. With the tense changes. I learned you can't do that when I was in fourth-grade English. But maybe you can. Okay, I hate this show. Watching is makes me was angry. I had gone to turned it off and threw the tape out of the window. I will destroy the tape yesterday. Anyway. Coastline. Credits.

Next week. A girl with four guys. They all run with a raft and go shopping. "Stephanie," we learn, has her hands full when she's connected to four men. Oh, they all sleep in the same bed! I love that the guys all have to cuddle with each other. Man, are they going to get shit back at the frat house. The preview continues. Stephanie says, "I got set up with the four biggest clowns in the city." They eat dinner. She kisses someone. End.

I'm going to go get in the shower, pour rubbing alcohol all over my body, and light myself on fire, that's how dirty I feel now. Fuck me.

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Chains of Love




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