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Back. Andy babbles. He says that the person he's releasing, he thinks he has a lot in common with, but that he's not at the stage of his life to take on someone who's self-esteem is low. So, yeah, he's booting Nicki. He unchains her, and gives her eight hundred bucks. He says he thinks she's "wonderful" and he hopes she "keeps going in the direction she's going." He then tells us that he both let her go and feels bad for her for the same reason, that her confidence is low, "and here [he is] giving her a shot." What? A "shot." Oh, fucking kill this guy. Run him over. Anyway. Short bus. Nicki has no idea what Andy was talking about with her having low self-esteem. She says he's not over his last relationship yet, and also that he is probably projecting what he feels about himself onto her since they are a lot alike. Aussie. Gone.

House. Andy continues to agonize. Saying that he never wanted to be in the position he's putting these girls in. Meanwhile, he pulls them, Amy and Kerstin, fully clothed into the pool. Poor Amy takes off her watch quickly and puts it on the side of the pool. He probably just ruined an heirloom. What an assface. Amy tells us that she's happy she got to the last round and that she's looking forward to hanging with just the three of them. Kerstin says that if Andy is looking for the person that he'll have the most fun with for the last few days, it'll be her. Bathroom. They all get ready for bed. Kerstin bitches at Andy for some reason. They get to bed. Kerstin says the three of them are going to have a blast and then she goes on that that last night was her "personal living hell." Why? I don't know. Or care. Andy babbles to us that he thinks tonight is going to be "interesting," sleeping chained with the two. Night. Amy sluts that Andy is going to have fun tonight going "back and forth," and that she doesn't want to not "do something" in fear of losing out. Basically, she's saying she's going to ho it up so she doesn't get booted, because Kerstin is over there giving Andy a chained hand job. Good strategy, lady. Your mama must be proud. We get another infrared shot of the night. We can't see anything really going down. Or anybody, for that matter.

Morning. The alarm goes off again. Andy tells us that obviously he and Kerstin have bonded the most, but that it doesn't mean she's going to win. Bathroom. Andy suspiciously puts make-up on the girls as he and Kerstin banter. They arrive in the living room to find MM. She greets them. They lie about how good it is to see her. They eat breakfast as MM says they've created "dates" for them today. Basically, Andy is going to go on a date with Kerstin while Amy tags along on a longer chain than normal, staying silent and being unable to "participate." Then Andy will go with Amy, while Kerstin tags along.

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Chains of Love




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