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Short bus. Chris says he's bummed and hurt. Jennifer says she doesn't think she could have made this decision yesterday. Chris now goes stupid again, blaming getting cut on the fact that Jennifer can't open up. I don't get it. I used that tactic when I was in high school and it was kinda tired even back then. ["God, no kidding. As Regina once observed, 'Why can't you open up?' usually means 'Why can't you blow me and iron my shirts?' Shut up, Chris. Your shit is played." -- Sars] Jennifer says it hurt her to release Chris. Chris thinks Jennifer went the easy route by picking David. Jennifer says that she and Chris are both nuts and thus wouldn't make a good pair. Ah ha! I understand. She needs a sedate person so she can be the center of attention. Well, that makes sense and yes, it probably is the easy way out. Chris might be right about something. Who knew? Chris says that David outplayed him, but he doesn't think it's "the last chapter between Chris and Jennifer."

House. Night. Balcony. Tea. Jennifer says just that, that David is more stable and she needs stability in her life. David says that Jennifer is wonderful. Jennifer says that "deep down inside I've always been closer to David." Always? You mean, all three days? Wow. That's some fucking history, y'all. David then asks Jennifer what her favorite part of the whole thing has been, and she says that it's the cemetery part and talks about "the connection," and David was right next to her during the whole thing and it was "pretty powerful," and David says, "You just wait." Jennifer sticks her tongue out, and they hold hands. Can we ban the word "connection" from this show? Please? That way it'll probably be, like, twenty minutes shorter.

Bed. They forget the lights and laugh. I hate them. Infrared cam. Our typical last-night dialogue, as snappy as ever, and if possible even less passionate than last week:

David: I enjoyed waking up next to you the first morning…it's weird because my hand is so restricted. But I really want to have it around you.
Jennifer: You know…I just want to be next to you.

Ooh, diss. She hates him. Ha. No underground sex tape to be made tonight. Commercials.

Morning. Mourning. The alarm goes off. MM voice-overs that it's the last day and one dude is left and Jennifer now has her toughest choice -- to decide if she wants to pursue a bleh blah bloo with bleh. Bathroom. Teeth-brushing. David says that he also has part of the choice here. They kiss. She shaves him. She whore-overs that having to chose makes her feel "all the emotions possible." All the emotions, Jennifer? Really? Wow. Now that's some strong choosin' you're fixin' to do. It's going to be tough, she says.

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Chains of Love




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