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Breakfast. They eat crap off their fingers. David the genius tell us it has to be mutual, this relationship decision. The "distant" bell rings. They find MM. Jennifer releases David. MM blankly reads the next line about how Jennifer now has to make the decision. Jennifer tells David that she originally came here just hoping to have a great time, and she didn't expect to connect with anyone the way she does with David, and it's been a long time since she's felt like this, and therefore she would "love" to pursue a relationship. David can say nothing and has to leave, after having gotten half of the remaining six thousand dollars. MM boots him from the room and, waking up just enough from her heroin daze to read the next cue card, explains to Jennifer that if David is interested, he'll be waiting in the courtyard.

David walks upstairs, telling us that for once he has some control here.

MM sends Jennifer on her way and she walks up the stairs, saying that she doesn't know if he'll be there, and she can usually "think on her feet" but not when it comes to a relationship, whatever that means. She says she'd be "crushed" if David didn't want to pursue a relationship.

Courtyard. Locksmith on a balcony. Jennifer walks out. She sees David. They kiss. The Locksmith disappears, disappointed that he won't have another rejected contestant to eat. David gay-overs that everyone wants a "fairy-tale ending" (some more than others), and that it's tremendous to have it happen that way. Jennifer says that she just thought she'd meet some people but quickly learned that she had feelings for the guys. Jennifer and David walk upstairs, David voice-overing that to begin a relationship with such a "powerful" bond is good. Yes, what is between them is indeed powerful. My relationship pales in comparison. We all might as well give up because we don't have as strong a foundation as these two.

Locksmith. Cliff edge. Jump, Locksmith! A graphic says, "Several days later, Jennifer returned home to New York." Awwww. But wait! "Jennifer has now moved to Los Angeles, where she and David are continuing their romantic fairy tale" Yessssssss!

This show does do good work! I take it all back. Chains of Love producers. You're all right.

Scenes. Next week. The tape I have doesn't have them. Oh well. You'll just have to come back next…aw, fuck it. I'm sorry.

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Chains of Love




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